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Written on Friday, June 7, 2019

Hello people!

It feels like I’m the least picky person when it comes to my mascara choice. I don’t need anything extra from it: just give me volume, curl and at the same time I don’t want it to look clumpy on my lashes. All these needs can be fulfilled with many regular and affordable mascaras. So, I hardly ever pay attention to any high-end items. But, if I have a chance to get my hands onto one of such minis, why not try them out? Smile


So, meet the hero of my review - Diorshow Pump'n'Volume Mascara:



It promises the following:


Creates instant volume with the simple power of a squeeze. By pumping the soft tube, you generously coat the brush and soften the creamy, rich mascara formula inside for a perfect, fresh application, every time. The special bounce-effect brush features ultra-supple bristles that load lashes in a single sweep, creating daring, pumped-up volume without clumping. This is lash volume pushed to the extreme.


"The idea was to make the impossible, possible—to create very thick lashes without clumping, as I can do backstage. By pumping, you soften the formula and get a creamy volumizing effect that creates really rich lashes."

Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director for Dior Makeup


Below, I’ll show you the results that I could get with this mascara, while now I want you to read some theory about it. So, general characteristics:


Outer appearance: the mascara comes packed with an elegant matte casing, which is soft and made of elastoplastic.

It makes it possible to squeeze the tube. By the way, it also has some handy hollows for the fingers. As you might have already guessed, the material the product is made of was chosen for a reason: just pump the tube to coat the brush with more formula for better and more voluminous results on your lashes.

The tube doesn’t collect my fingerprints or any other stains.


The top cap is glossy and it isn’t a problem to screw or unscrew it.

The brush here is a role model.


It consists of a great deal of bristles which are same in length and they are stiff and soft at the same time.

This brush is handy and convenient to use because it’s resilient to some extent and it’ll never be an issue to coat even the most troublesome lashes with it. However, it’s still a problem to coat my lashes with a smooth coverage on the first go.

But, this is definitely one of the best mascaras brushes that I’ve ever tried.


The stopper inside does what it has to do and wipes off all the overabundance well. I appreciate that the tube always looks neat and clean.



Texture: the texture is typical for any mascara. It’s creamy, not runny or too thick. It’s exactly what it should be when the formula doesn’t stain my lashes. It can and should be packed for more elegant results. Besides, don’t forget about the soft tube that can also bring more drama to the final results on your lashes.


The product doesn’t clump my lashes together or look too heavy on my eyes.


However, my lashes still look a little messy. For me, that’s not a big deal and I can live through it well. However, if you want your lashes to look more voluminous, long, and thick, you’ll have to coat them at least 3 times which would clump and mess your lashes too much.


So, I can see the promised high-definition but only when I wear the product with one coat. Smile That’s enough for my daytime makeup.


I also would like to stress the length aspect of my lashes. In fact, it’s okay but not actually the best that I’ve ever had.


Shade: 090 Black Pump is a classy black color, which isn’t still charcoal black, though.


My lashes do look black with it even with one coating. The product comes with this only shade in line:


Aroma: the formula is scented with a subtle cosmetic aroma, which isn’t potent or chasing.


Size: this babe has 4.5g while the big size offers 6g.


Price: the full size costs $29.50.


So, I’ve shown you the results using this product and they seem to be rather plain and boring. I would have never believed that I could say such things about the mascara from Dior. But I just can’t say anything differently - my lashes aren’t difficult. I mean I don’t have to find a way to tame them or anything. They are okay - good length, average thickness, and a good natural curl.


So, I demand the minimum from my mascara. Though, I also get the minimum of the result here too. Smile


Staying power, performance, removing

The mascara can easily live through my working day, given that it may be hot and stuffy. It doesn’t move or travel. It stays put without staining my eyelids. It gets more complicated when it comes to removing. You see, my cleansing oil or facial wash can’t remove it fully, so I also have to use other makeup removing products like a bi-phase remover or a cleansing milk.

One more thing, the product doesn’t wash off easily and stains my eyes with black pigment.


So, what’s my final opinion?

The Diorshow Pump'n'Volume Mascara is a questionable product for me: I was willing to give it more and more chances because the brush here is top-notch. I was hoping to get some Wow effect. The brush is super convenient to work with. It’s nice in size, the bristles are of ideal length and it doesn’t stain my eyelids which makes it possible to coat the inner parts of my lashes. I wish it was possible to apply it smoothly with one layer.



I still can’t get how such an amazing brush can clump my lashes so badly. It’s a real paradox. :)As for the results, it’s okay. My lashes look a little bit lifted up but from a high-end mascara, I want something better and more prominent.


Thank you all for your attention! See you! ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

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