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Written on Monday, September 17, 2018

Hello pretty ladies! SmileI keep on looking through my lipstick collection and today I have the Dior Rouge Liquid to review.

The design of the entire Dior collection is really stylish and sleek - black casing, a thin rim with branded lettering and the logo on the top cap. You can also see a small “window” there to get the color inside. In general, the product looks fabulous and of good quality.

Size - 6ml

Made in France.

Satin and metal finishes lipstick have a classy creamy texture, while the mattes are drier texture-wise and remind me of a moussy cream. The shimmer finish shade has a creamy-gel formula.

All the shades have one and the same standard Dior lipstick smell and have a tad bitter flavor.

The Dior Rouge Liquid collection features an average in size applicator, which has a reservoir in the middle. Surprisingly enough, I found this applicator convenient to apply even the darkest shades and the sharp tip is nice to outline my lips with.


The collection offers more than 20 shades to choose from, but I will show you only a half of it because I own only 10 shades.

For easier descriptions, I’d like to show the swatches at first and only after that, I’ll show you the detailed photos with the lipsticks over my lips.

There are 10 of them altogether:

So now, let’s have a look at each one separately.

#162 Miss Satin

Gentle peach nude with a satin finish. It’s a whimsical lipstick for me, which is really challenging to apply evenly on my lips. To top it off, it creases on my inner lip. It doesn’t set to the fullest but still doesn’t feather or bleed. No lip drying out.

Staying power ~ 3-4 hours.

#527 Reckless Matte

Warm-toned beige nude of a matte formulation. This is the driest and the most drying lipstick from my entire collection. It isn’t a problem to apply it, the setting is quick and easy, however, once it sets, it immediately starts crumbling and falling out from my inner lip. It looks its best when I wear the thinnest layer of it when it totally looks like my natural lip pigment. Staying power ~ 4-5 hours.

#574 Lively Matte

Dusty pink matte shade. It’s versatile and utterly gorgeous. It’s an absolutely fuss-free shade when it comes to the application and wear time. It doesn’t dry my lips out and it never sets as much as the previous shade. Staying power ~ 3-4 hours.

#625 - Mysterious Matt

Matte terracotta not really bright, dark-toned nude. One more good shade - easy to use, nice performance, no drying and no dead matte finish. The staying power is ~ 3-4 hours.

#601 Hologram

So beautiful in the packaging and swatches and so awful in real life. It feels uncomfortable, like some kind of a film over my lips. I can’t apply it evenly and it always creases on my inner lip.

The shade is cool-toned mauve with an abundance of colorful shimmer.

#442 Impetuous Satin

Red-coral satin shade. The formula is pleasant and comfortable to wear. No whimsy performance or anything. Staying power ~ 4-5 hours. This shade leaves some tint behind.

#999 Matte

Cult Dior house red shade. It’s vibrant and uncompromising. It applies smoothly, though still can crease on the inner lip as well. It doesn’t set to the fullest and stains everything it touches. I can experience only minor drying from it.

Staying power ~ 6-7 hours. This one also tints my lips after disappearing.

#788 Frenetic Satin

Bright crimson shade with a satin finish. I guess this is one of the most comfortable to wear. It applies, wears and fades beautifully.

Staying power ~ 5-6 hours.

#797 Savage Matte

One more bright shade, though this one is matte and fuchsia tonned. This color is also a good babe characteristics-wise.

Staying power ~ 6-7. It leaves my lips tinted behind.

#979 - Poison Metal

This is the most beautiful lipstick that I have ever seen in my life!

It’s a dope vinous-brown shade with a metallic finish. It looks so luxurious and expensive on my lips. It may apply a little bit patchy but some time later it evens itself out and never bleeds or feathers. It isn’t transfer-proof. No drying my lips out sensation.

Staying power ~ 5-6 hours.


Dior Rouge Liquid Lip Stains are fantastic, even though not all the shades can boast of a good quality formulation.

The dark and bright shades from the collection are undoubtedly the leaders quality-wise. Comfortable wear, easy application and good staying power - these are the facts I love about these lipsticks from Dior.

Price - $37

Thanks for your attention! Let your beauty last forever! Have a joyful shopping day! Wink

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Annitr recommends Dior Rouge Dior Liquid Lip Stain

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