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Written on Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Hey there!

Recently the Dose of Colors released their new collection which was filled with highlighters, liquid lipsticks, regular stick lippies, two lip glosses and a fantastic eyeshadow palette which I’ve already reviewed for you.

Once I saw the promo, I couldn’t resist and bought two products from the collection immediately.

Today I want to tell you about the Desi & Katy Lip Gloss in the color The Most:

PRODUCT INFO: Price: $17

Size: 4g

Made in the USA



Polybutene, Octyldodecanol, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Hydrogenated Polyisobutene Trihydroxystearin, Calcium Aluminum Borosilicate, Silica, Phenoxyethanol, Capryl Glycol Ethylhexyl Glycerin, Hexylene Glycol, Flavor. May Contain: Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891).



Initially, the lip gloss was covered with a cardboard box, which I threw away, alas.

The tube with the formula seems simple yet still stylish. It’s made of a thick plastic, which is see-through. It’s so convenient, especially if your lip gloss collection is enormous. Here I don’t have to pick it up to see the shade inside.


The top cap is glossy and golden.

The product looks fantastic in the tube! It seems so holographic and shiny! And it’s really like that it life! Mega-glistening!


The applicator wand is comfy and flat. This is all due to the applicator that I can apply the formula well, blending it in without any boo-booes. The applicator is soft and furry to some extent.


The stopper is awesome inside. It portions the product that comes out, ensuring good coverage without any superfluous amount.



It’s sticky, as many other lip glosses. I can’t say that it’s too sticky, however.


As for the texture, it’s thick and covering. But I don’t feel it heavy on my lips or anything. The formula is comfy to wear. I appreciate the skin-loving ingredients, which make my lips gentle and nourished throughout the wear. After makeup removal, my lips feel supple and excellent!

The skin-friendly components of the formula work well even if my lips are chapped and flaking.


AROMA:Classy and sweet. It’s typical for lip products and I’d even say standard. :)The aroma is pleasant, not-chasing and really light. I can feel it only when I apply the product.

The taste is also sweet and if you occasionally lick your lips with it on, you’re more likely to experience pleasant sensations rather than aversion.



The Desi & Katy collection offers 2 shades of lip glosses:

  • Golden - Over The Top

  • Silver - The Most


I decided that the golden one wouldn’t look so advantageous over me, that’s why I opted for the silver, I’d even say clear shade.

My shade is called The Most and I’m head over heels with the unique shade it has. It’s so complicated and truly diamond-like!

It’s clear based with a lot of teeny-tiny glitter to it. The glitter is shifting from pink to lilac and purple.



APPLICATION: It goes on smoothly over my lips! Soft, gentle and really smooth. The consistency isn’t thick, this is why it isn’t a problem to distribute it well.

One swipe of the applicator is enough for an even and flawless coverage.

When I applied it for the first time, I was flabbergasted with its shine. This is the lip gloss on my lips alone:


With full-on makeup, this product shines like there’s no tomorrow. Smile Under the sunlight, the glistening particles shine with different colors of purple and pink.

I also like blotting my lips with a tissue, removing the gloss. There you can see not so much glitter, though it still looks so romantic and gentle.

So my lips are supple, moist and shine beautifully with glitter. This lip gloss is a magic wand for a daytime and evening makeup. It’ll never make your lips look worse.

What’s more, this product can be worn on top of any other lipstick. I applied it over the Lime Crime one and then patted the gloss with my finger. I always do it with my finger so as not to stain the clear lip gloss or its applicator.


This looks so festive. It’s so party-friendly, I think. Smile You can adorn it with different colors of lipstick. By the way, it holds on well even on top of classy cream lipsticks.



It’s a rare occasion to meet a long-wearing lip gloss, especially if it’s clear. This one is long-wearing and it can stay put even after a meal! One day I ate 2 rolls at work and the coverage of my lip gloss was still fine. Well, it’s fair to say that I tried my best to eat as neatly as possible. If you wear this lip gloss, you can forget about touch-ups for the next 5 hours minimum.



This lip gloss is awesome! Smile The shade can be listed to the unique ones, at least for me. I’ve never met such clear and glitter-infused lip glosses before. Well, I have, but they weren’t ever so glistening and complicated shade-wise. In real life, when I wear it on my lips, the only word that crosses my mind is “Wow!”

I can’t be picky about its quality. It’s nice, pleasant texture- and aroma-wise and it’s so long-wearing! I’m absolutely in love with this Dose of Colors Lip Gloss and I’ll keep on wearing it with great pleasure. Smile

Thanks a million for your attention!

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Sv Ser recommends Dose of Colors Desi & Katy Lip Gloss

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