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Written on Friday, April 27, 2018
Pros: affordable, design, it’s a cool stain, long lasting, no taste or fragrance
Cons: i can feel it on my lips unless i blot, it doesn’t stay on for long if applied solo

Lip tints are to die for products for me because I like to be sure that my lips always look good and I don’t want to bother checking or worrying if the product bleeds or feathers on my lips. Recently I found my perfect lip tint of currant color (and I didn’t like the orange shade by the same brand by the way) but I became a little bit fed up with it and desperately wanted to try some new lip tints. This is how I decided to buy this Aqua Beauty lip tint by E.L.F. once I saw this collection.

There are several products in the Aqua Beauty collection - such as: mist-primer, eyeshadow and bronzing palettes, some liquid metal eyeshadow and 4 lip tints. I can say that the eyeshadows and lip tints are fine, though I don’t know anything about the quality of the other products. But still I believe they are really worthy as well. By the way, I like pairing the products for lips and eyes from this collection, as they look very harmonious and beautiful in total looks. My makeup looks glowy yet very natural and simple.

In the store there were only three traditional colors of this product available (I don’t know why there wasn’t the fourth tint there). They were red, orange and berry-like colors. I’ve already had a few berry-like colors in my collection. I also hardly ever wear orange-y shades, this is why the choice of color was pretty obvious - I opted for the red shade called Rouge Radiance.

I was glad to see the good quality package. It seems that the E.L.F. brand is taking it to the next level in terms of packaging. It’s so pleasant to get such a cute and thought-out design of the box for the ridiculous 4 bucks. The box is a sturdy cardboard and the tint itself was placed on a plastic stand. In general the design looks best of the best.

On the back of the box they give a lot of product info, including an endless list of the ingredients, which is pretty obvious for a lip tint. They promise us vitamin E and a lot of lip-friendly ingredients but I can say that the product doesn’t stand out at all here.

So, let’s take our babe out. Here’s the tint, made of a callous plastic material. It also looks simple, as though made of metal. The lettering doesn’t disappear and stays put. I really appreciate it when they use a good quality colorant which they apply on the packaging for the letters to stay on long and well, regardless of how much you carry it around or touch the tube.

There’s pretty a lot of the product inside - 6 ml.

It closes tightly and never leaks. The stopper inside is of the right size which allows me to take the right amount of the product out. I also want to draw your attention that the liquid doesn’t come out when you close up the tint. Why do I draw your attention to such a minor feature of the product? Well, everything is pretty easy - the thing is that I hate it when a lip product has too narrow of a stopper and superfluous product usually stays out and doesn’t go back into the tube again when you close it. Then this amount of the leftover product stains everything inside my beauty bag. That’s so nasty.

But here, there isn’t such a problem with this product.~

The tint has a gel texture which is rather thick, this is why the product applies with a thick layer. I always blot my lips with a tissue, as it’ll give me a beautiful stain.

I usually do it the following way: I apply the product all over my lips, then I wait for 5 or 10 minutes and only after that I blot my lips. Then there’s absolutely no feel of the lippie present on my lips which I adore so much. ~

One coat of the tint gives beautiful color which is well visible on the skin but I can’t make it out on my lips. This is the best way to get the “my lips but better” effect.

Two coats look more interesting on my lips. The product has a buildable formula, as it doesn’t clump or crease on the lips at all. I can’t say that there’s any distinctive aroma or taste to the tint. Maybe the formula smells of some alcohol a little but only if you put your nose very close to the opened tube. I’m also very happy that the product doesn’t have any sweet flavour which all the lip product manufacturers love to add to the formulas so much, while I do really hate those flavors.

Now I want to mull over the lip tints as they are: you see, they are all a little bit drying out for the lips to some extent. Even those which are oil-based or oil infused. One more thing is that the tints never give opaque coverage, this is why so many people don’t like them at all. One more thing to scald them for is the fact that the tints will definitely show your lip relief. It’s obvious, as they don’t have a thick formula and a normal human being can’t boast with an absolutely even and relief-free lips.

This is how the lips of a normal human being look like when I apply a lip balm over them overnight and exfoliate them with a sugar scrub once a week. My lips look rather well but I never wear lip tints without a lip balm because of the listed above reasons. With a lip balm, the color of lip tints look brighter and I can even touch up without a mirror.

This is how my lips look with a tint and a balm on. The pigment stains the skin well and it doesn’t bleed or feather for a long time. I mean it stays on my lips for a very very long time. This is why I love lip tints - they are able to live through everything. I don’t like long-wearing lipsticks, because they all fade off once I start eating anything fatty (I’m not a beauty blogger and I can’t eat the way they eat without touching their lips). At the same time there’s no such a problem with lip tints. .

Overall: This is a good, affordable and just cool lip tint which will be great even for those who don’t like lip tints. If you love long-wearing makeup, then this product is definitely for you. Follow my advice and apply a lip balm over any color of the lip tint that you like. This way you’ll look gorgeous. SmileI would assess this lip tint by E.L.F. with 8 stars out of 10, if I could.

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