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Written on Thursday, January 10, 2019

Elizabeth Arden is a high-end cosmetic brand. It’s known all over the globe.

I want to share my thoughts on this Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Powder:

It comes packed with a glossy golden packaging.

I ordered it online and in the pictures it looked really posh and expensive. But in reality, this plastic compact doesn’t look high quality and appears very cheap. That’s disappointing because I wanted this powder to look as luxurious as possible when I would take it out of my handbag. The idea wasn’t bad, though the performance really screwed up.

Inside it houses a big mirror, which is good for touch-ups. The sponge is thin and it’s made of the best material ever. It picks up a little bit of the powder and distributes it all over the face very delicately.

By the way, usually I don’t appreciate the featured tools but here I love this Elizabeth Arden sponge a lot!

I have my powder in the shade Light, I chose it blindly and it was a hit! The color matches my skin tone.

As far as I know there are only three shades available in the collection to choose from - light, medium and deep.

Actually, the Clarins loose powder has always been among of my faves but I can’t carry it with me in a handbag, that’s why I concluded that I needed a pressed compact powder.

I want it to control oily shine and never look dead matte over my skin. I also want it to smooth out my complexion.

And this Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish powder meets all my demands 100%. I’ve already mentioned its gorgeous sponge and that it picks up the right amount of the product. It feels so pleasant on my skin because the material is so gentle.

It isn’t a problem to distribute it over my skin. It nicely deprives of oily shine without making me look like a dead man. On the contrary, the finish is more like sleek and satin.


The powder isn’t detectable over my skin at all. Even my peachy hair that sticks out and is usually accentuated by other powders, lies down with this powder. The product doesn’t show pores or settle into them.

Now I’m ready to forgive the cheap plastic casing, because I’m absolutely stunned with the lightweight coverage and the way it evens out my complexion, remaining invisible at all.

My nude skin/with a lightweight fluid foundation and a powder on:

My skin is perfect with it, so smooth and even, no oily shine at all. In fact, I don’t even have to wait for the product to set and adjust to my skin. Once I swipe a sponge over it, I can already see the results.

The coverage is thin yet still my face is glowing and so beautiful.

The powder doesn’t set into my pores throughout the day and I don’t see it settled in the crevices. To top it off, the coverage never fades with patches.

The oily shine appears only after 6-7 hours of wearing. It’s the time when I have to touch-up a little. But even that oily sheen over this powder doesn’t look so nasty, just a fair glow, which isn’t extra indeed.

My skin within 6 hours:

Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish powder has become a pleasant discovery of mine. I can highly recommend it for purchasing!

Price: $27.00

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Karinette_beauty recommends Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Ultra Smooth Pressed Powder

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