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Written on Monday, July 22, 2019

Essence Color Boost Mad About Matte has immediately become my favorite.It provides a rich color, smooth coverage and great durability. What else can one want from a lipstick?


▷ Information:

Price: $ 2,70

Weight 8 ml.


My shades are 02 and 05.



▷ The packaging

The Essence Color Boost Mad About Matte Lipstick is housed in a soft plastic tube. The color of the tube is supposed to match the shade, but the Tube 05 is very mysterious.



The amount that comes out on the applicator is enough for me to cover my lips completely.


▷ The applicator


The sponge is very long, hourglass-shaped, soft, pliable and fluffy. The little bristles don’t scratch my lips.


This shape makes it easy to draw the lip contour and fill in my lips.



Color and formula:

The Essence Color Boost Mad About Matte lipstick is available in many different shades: from mild nude to black cherry red.


My colors are 02 and 05:


No matter how hard I tried to get color 05 as it is presented in the photos, it never worked out. Although I looked at the other reviews with this shade and had the impression that we own completely different shades.


The swatches show somewhat between dusty rose and burgundy. And on the lips it is a cold lilac, which is beautifully saturated and bright. As you can see, the color 05 is different on the lips and swatches. And I like the look on the lips more.


The color 02 is calmer. It looks the same both on the lips and swatches: the bright peachy tone with a slight pink undertone. This color won’t suit everyone equally well.


The texture is the same for both: light, mousse-like and moderately fluid. Easy to apply to the lips.


The lipstick has a pleasant candy flavor. Laughing out loud After a few weeks, I grew tired of it.


▷ Impressions:


The Essence Color Boost Mad About Matte lipstick is easy to apply. The soft applicator glides over the lips and fills the surface nicely.

Both colors can be applied in layers and thus the color intensity can be adjusted.


The lipstick is ultra-pigmented and covers the natural lip color at a single touch.

But the lipstick can leave gaps, so it's good to glide over the lips again with the applicator.


The lipstick is really matte. After application, it takes about 30 seconds to dry.

The Essence Color Boost Mad About Matte emphasizes no flaws on the lips. I had a little wound on my lips and the lipstick just smoothed it.



The shades ↷


Surely you have already noticed how miraculous the color 05 is.. But I still like it, it looks bright and fresh.

And unfortunately, the nuance in 02 was less enjoyable. I like peach nuances in makeup ... But maybe not on my lips. The lipstick is way too bright for me, though I'm not dark skinned. From a distance, the nuances look nice, but it feels patchy. Therefore I use the 02 less often. I would not layer it, but apply it in a thin layer. That's how it looks better.


When wearing ↷


When worn, the Essence Color Boost Mad About Matte Lipstick feels very comfortable for a matte lipstick.

What's more, it does not dry my lips. And after removing makeup, the lips are not damaged.

In the pictures it is easy to see that the lipstick emphasizes the wrinkles. This is a problem of all lips with pronounced wrinkles. Mine are no exception. But that does not bother me. The result in life looks better than in the pictures.

The lipstick can survive meals. Its average lasting power is about 3 hours. Then the color comes off and that makes them uneven. In the end, only the contour remains made up.



Make-up removal ↷


The Essence Color Boost Mad About Matte Lipstick can not be removed with anything. You can get it off either with oil or with micellar water for waterproof make-up.

In a full look, both shades look beautifully harmonious. But in the summer, when I get a little tan, I will not be able to wear the Nuance 02 anymore.



Conclusion: The Essence Color Boost Mad About Matte Lipstick is my favorite. Both colors can be used in everyday life. Now I'm looking forward to trying out other shades!

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Anna_Evg recommends Essence Colour Boost Mad About Matte Lipstick

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