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Written on Friday, July 21, 2017


After I saw this lipstick on Instagram, I ran to the nearest cosmetic shop, because the color just rocked my world. I wanted such a lipstick so much, in a color something between pink and violet.

953 Vibrant Violet

Price: $5Design

Like all Color Sensational Lipstick, this one has a square bottom, matte cap and shiny tube.

I wish the color of the cap matched that of the lipstick, that would look very cool.

The name of the color can be found on the bottom

The bullet is convenient to use, the lipstick doesn’t get stuck or loose, the cap closes with a click.

The color

I don't know how to describe the color. It looks like lilac in the tube. However, on my lips the color depends on the light or other lip products I use.

In the photos it’s purple, but unfortunately in real life it’s more lilac. But anyway, the color is fascinating.

At first I thought it resembled Lime Crime Utopia, and I made a swatch of both of them.

They are different, though. Utopia is more pink.

The lipstick applied on bare lips:

Once again, the result depends on the light. Sometimes it’s purple, sometimes just lilac, but it’s always bright, eye-catching and unusual.

As an experiment, I applied the lipstick on the violet lip pencil from NYX. The color became more purple, as I like.Full makeupNow about its quality

The lipstick has a pleasant vanilla candy smell. Applies easily, despite being matte. The finish is matte. No shimmer. No patches. Highly-pigmented.

It feels really thick on the lips. Personally I’m okay with that, but there are people who would surely feel uncomfortable. The lipstick doesn’t dry the lips out though.

Lasting power: it won’t last through a meal. It’ll fade if you have a cup of water, plus it’ll leave stains on it. But so do all creamy lipsticks, so I don’t count it as a drawback.

It’ll stay on, unless you eat or drink. But I don’t think one can hold out long without food and water:)

It can be easily removed with micellar water or face cleanser, or even with cleansing tissues, when in the field. Once removed, it leaves no residue on the lips.So, I like this lipstick very much. First of all, because of its color and plus I like the pleasant scent and beautiful bullet. Usually it’s enough to make me happy, but in this case there is also the decent quality. All in all, I can highly recommend this lipstick for those who are in love with violet and pink colors in their make up. (And I truly love them, Fuxia is like nude for me)

I think other shades in the range are good, but I don’t intend trying them yet.

Yours truly, NataHappiness. See you in my next reviews!

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NataHappiness recommends Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lipstick

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