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Written on Tuesday, December 4, 2018
Cons: cheap-looking, flaking accentuating, smell

Last year I was lucky enough to become a happy owner of the case filled with ESTEE LAUDER cosmetic products.

And among all the other stuff, there were these three awful lipsticks: Pure Color 3.8 g each in the shades: Pink Parfait 61, Candy 16, Tiger Eye 86.

So, this is what I’m actually going to review today.

So, they presume that these three colors are super flattering and will match anyone. They always include only wearable and versatile shades in the sets, don’t they?

And here I’ve got a question - why the hell are there two pink ones in the case? Have they run out of red ones?

Well, okay, let’s carry on. One pink shade is brighter, while another one is darker. They come off delicately.

But what’s that nasty hundred-year-old lipstick smell? The expiration dates are fine. Why couldn’t they use some other fragrance? Such retro scents were the hottest at the times when my grandma was a young girl.

Okay, let’s have a look at them applied on my lips.

The consistency is pleasant. The product glides over my lips, leaving no greasy film behind. But it’s cold now and my lips are already chapped. And these Estee Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting Lipsticks accentuate all the flaking bits that I have on my lips! And this color itself, which is so bright, smooth and saturated on the packaging, looks so cheap, guys.

No, I didn’t exfoliate my lips before application and I didn’t use a fatty lip balm either. I didn’t even use a lip pencil. I just applied the product as it is hurry-scurry. If I were more responsible and took this procedure more seriously, the result might have been better then. But I still doubt that difference would be fundamental.

I’m shocked. This product is like the cheapest lipstick, that costs no more than 50 cents (do such prices still exist now?)

But Estee Lauder, we expected something better from your set, which was meant to include only the best, wasn’t it?

I’m frustrated.

As for the good:

the formula is non-bleeding and there’s an abundance of shimmer.

Never recommended!


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Mary just Mary doesn't recommend Estee Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick

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