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Written on Tuesday, June 11, 2019

I can hardly believe that a few years ago I only had a single lipstick. Now even ten lipsticks are not enough, because some colors are great only for particular seasons or moods. Formulas are very important too.

Today I’m gonna talk about Giorgio Armani Rouge d’Armani matte lipstick.


I’m not really sure that as an owner of samples I dare speak about design. Anyway, here are three buttons and something that is called a brush.

Once we take off the outer packaging, a blister is all what is left.

On the back side we can find names and numbers of the shades (if your memory is short like mine). It’s great, though, because as soon as I peeled off the packaging, my child took it and threw it away, so this information was important.

It opens easily but doesn’t close, unless you use tape.


I don’t really care about ingredients, especially when it comes to my makeup, and I would only start looking through the list of them in case of sudden rash or allergy reactions. There were no such negative side reactions in this case, but if you are interested, here are the ingredients:



Packaging is not that important (but I’m pretty sure full-size bullets look cool), so let’s get started with the most interesting part of the review.

Swatches under daylight:

Neutral neon light:

The color 400 in matte is identical to the color 400 in the velvet lipstick


Let me reveal a little secret about these lipsticks. They do leave a kind of tint behind. It’s not that visible on the lips, but on my pale skin, it lasts for a long time and can’t be removed with micellar water or cleansing oil.

Now about each color


  • 106 androgino

It’s my sweet piggy pink! Very beautiful, with a soft formula and easy application, but it does emphasize dryness.

But if you use a lip scrub beforehand, the color will look simply perfect!

I used a tissue to make the look more matte.

Actually, the finish isn’t matte. It’s more naturally satin. But I’m okay with that, as the lipstick feels really comfortable.

This color is a lifesaver for any look. It comes off evenly, but leaves stains on everything. It’s no wonder, though.


  • 400 four hundred


Oh, this red! Severe and ruthless, like a terminator’s steps. It has a drier formula than the other two, and yet it applies perfectly without showing all tiny dry spots.

I’ll show you how this red looks after a cup of coffee and a couple...okay, a dozen candies.

It requires a touch up, but it still lasts.

This is a color for special mood. But it’s awesome!

By the way, the color doesn’t make the teeth appear yellow, which is important for coffee-addicted.


  • 600 attitude

And now it’s all about pain and disappointment. This is an endlessly beautiful berry color

I was furious when I finally applied it. It’s very hard to coat it, the brush simply removes the previous layer. Any lip imperfections are emphasized, regardless of lip scrubs or balms applied beforehand.

I would have forgiven this color like a violet nightmare, if not for my husband, who liked it for some reason and kept asking if I were going to wear it again.

My thoughts:


As always, the quality depends on the color. But they all are very comfortable to wear and don’t dry out my lips. Also, these colors don’t bleed.

Yes, these aren’t super long lasting and the finishes aren’t completely matte.

That’s what the buttons looked like after I’ve made swatches:

The most wearable color 106 lasted for a week, while the red one will last for a year, I suppose.

Four stars, definitely recommended.

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Gwalchca recommends Giorgio Armani Beauty Rouge D'Armani Matte Lipstick

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