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Written on Friday, June 15, 2018


I don’t actually love lip glosses. I used to use them a very long time ago, but I also turned them down many years ago because of that nasty tacky feel they give. My hair always used to get stuck into the formula on my lips. I was pissed off with it!

And I have to say that I was skeptical about this babe too, but fortunately in vain. This product is fantastic! It’s so comfortable over my lips, that I can even forget that it’s a lip gloss on my lips.

1. My mini has 3.5ml, which is more than enough for me!

2. The lip gloss looks absolutely transparent and gel-like consistency-wise, but it appears gently pink on my lips within a few minutes after application. (you can witness it on the swatch).

3. The tube looks plain and it has a silver cap.

4. The applicator is of a bright-pink color. It’s very handy and never scratches my lips applying the formula super delicately.

5. The product gives some moisture to my lips, which really makes my lips visually appear more pouty.

The shine stays on my lips for about 15 minutes and then there’s only a dewy finish and pink pigment is left visible. The lippie won’t life through a meal.

6. It doesn’t crease with a white film on my lips and never bleeds. The formula doesn’t dry out my lips at all. On the contrary, it feels as though it covers my lips with a protective film. I don’t feel the formula present. The smell and flavor are powder-like, light and sweet. Like petals of roses, or their jam!

7. And the most important thing is that the product is non-tacky. It doesn’t make my lips stick together, yet still my hair can get stuck in it from time to time. But this may happen even with a lipstick.

It’s a decent product! I like it a lot! Recommend!

Price: $30 for the full size

Thanks a lot for reading my post!

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kbush1986 recommends Givenchy Le Gloss Revelateur De Liv

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