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Written on Tuesday, January 30, 2018
Pros: comfortable on the eyes
Cons: can make clumps, difficult to remove, dries down too quickly, no lengthening, no volume, sticks lashes together, unreasonably high priced

Hello ladies!

Everybody knows the Givenchy brand. And from their mascara I was waiting for a Wow-effect. Reading the reviews I was becoming more and more confused so eventually decided to try it myself.

When I received two minis of this mascara as a gift, I was more than just happy.

Since the reviews were rather controversial, I decided to give it a go now and not to postpone until travelling.

Product says:

A high-volume mascara that revitalizes lashes.

This innovative, must-have formula features silica micro-beads filled with keratin to protect lashes, while nourishing rice peptides strengthen the lash fringe. The unique two-toned brush’s black bristles create instant volume while the white bristles are specialized for high definition. The sleek, couture case with inverted studs adds a touch of sophistication.

General characteristics:

  • my mini has 1.5g of the formula

  • color: black

  • the fragrance is there though it isn’t chasing or potent

  • the brush isn’t silicone. It’s rather unusual and interesting.

I want to start by saying that the mascara dried out way better than a mini by Guerlain, even though the Guerlain mascara wasn’t packed into a plastic package. For the package I want to thank the manufacturer as the seal is proof that there was nobody before me that opened or used the mascara.

The next is the brush. Well, it isn’t to everyone’s taste. The thing is that I like coating my lashes holding the wand in my right hand but with this brush I had to coat my lashes with my left hand as well to get the maximum of the same result. I mean the “ball tip” catches the lashes in the corners of the eyes.

There are black and blue colors of this mascara. (As far as I’m aware).

Result: I didn’t like the outcome result with this mascara at all, as the brush was rather unusual and the formula was quick to dry down. They promised us the Wow effect and innovative formula, though the promises aren’t true to life.

My lashes look too “furry”. Removing it is difficult and requires more cotton pads. I usually remove it with my micellar water. To the positive side I can list the fact that the product doesn’t crumble.


In this photo I applied 1.5 layers of the mascara.


Made in France

Price $33


From my experience I can’t recommend this mascara for purchasing, as there are many other mascaras that are better and more affordable.

And I want to thank the girls who write true reviews and express their opinion. Thanks to them I didn’t take this mini with me on holiday. I presume that the effect it would have given me on my lashes would definitely make me feel sad.

I assess it with 3 stars, just because it doesn’t crumble or irritate my eyes, which is so important. I guess that I’ll give out to somebody the second mini. Maybe there’s a person who likes this mascara.

Thanks for reading! I hope that my review was helpful for you and I really saved your money! Have a nice shopping day! Smile

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VLight doesn't recommend Givenchy Noir Couture Volume Mascara

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Type: Mascara
Brand: Givenchy
Category: Make-Up
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  • How can a high-end brand produce such a garbage?

    miss_an's picture

    I would have never tried out this mascara if not for beauty boxes that deliver samples and miniatures. Even though I already have my holy grail creator of beautiful eyelashes, I’m always glad to try something new. But this time, it led me to disappointment instead of joy. How come?