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Written on Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Hello the nicest and prettiest!

Recently I saw the Rouge Interdit Lipstick by Givenchy in a magazine and of course I immediately wanted to give it a go. Givenchy is always the grande dame when it comes to lipsticks and this one seemed to be the best of the best and I really felt like it was special.


Size: 3.4g

Made in France

Product says:

An exceptionally smooth, long-wearing lipstick. This lipstick adds sexy, light-reflective color to the lips as it nourishes and hydrates with powerful antioxidants.

Rouge Interdit is more than a lipstick: it's a fashion accessory with a designer signature. The black and silver tube is an objet d'art adorned with a ribbon at one end that unlocks this beautiful piece. Wear anytime, in any circumstance. When applied, it immediately soothes and softens. Its fine, spreadable texture melts over the lips.


The packaging is a thick cardboard box with metal and white lettering on it. The expiration date, description and ingredients are all listed here as well.



The case is fantastic! It has no bright frills to it and looks very stylish and sleek. That’s so unusual. The alluring case, metallic letters, satin details. Be ready to wipe off fingerprints from the case from time to time. But still the design is just fabulous.



There’s a small loop of ribbon that was initially covered with a plastic seal. Just pull it out and you’ll easily get the lipstick itself.



There are 25 shades in the collection. They are so different and vary from marble brown shades to almost seamless nudes. I opted for the muted pink shade in the color #4 Street Rose.


The texture is really creamy, silky, weightless and pleasant. The product glides over my lips. It isn’t drying but on the contrary is very nourishing and hydrating. They say that the product is highly pigmented but I don’t think it’s true. You’ll have to apply many swipes to obtain the same color as in the stick. Otherwise the lippie will look like a semi-transparent lipgloss then. Hence say hello to the huge spending. I bought my lipstick a month ago and there’s almost half of it left.


The scent is like from my childhood. I guess this is how my granny’s lipstick smelled. I feel very nostalgic opening this lipstick. I can’t say that the smell is pleasant and I’m glad it disappears rather quickly.

The color is warm-toned beigy-pink. It’s very pleasant to look at. There’s a tender pearl cast that visually makes my lips look pouty and as though with a hint of dewy finish.



The lipstick is really difficult to apply over my lips. It streaks and gives patchy coverage. Sometimes I can even see small clumps which it leaves behind. I tried hard to make these shots and even tried to use a brush. Yet it’s still visible that the product is shitty quality-wise.

I can’t say that I have dry or badly treated lips but still the product accentuated all my lips’ blemishes that I didn’t even think existed. Some time later after the application the product creases and leaves a nasty white film on my lips.

Given that my color is fair and all the blemishes aren’t as very visible unless I take a proper look at them. I’m afraid to imagine how the dark shades look over the lips.



The finish is dewy and satin. The wear is comfortable and it feels like my lips are covered with chapstick or any other lip balm but not a lipstick anyway. It is not for nothing that they enriched the lipstick formula with a black rose oil and some other oils as well. This is the only thing that I do appreciate about this lippie.



The product ISN’T LONG WEARING AT ALL. And I can’t even suggest that it’s transfer-resistant. It stains everything. If you ate or drank, be ready to head for the loo to touch-up or reapply the product again. If you don’t eat or drink (are you on a diet?) then the product will be with you for no more than 1.5-2 hours.




First of all the Givenchy Rouge Interdit Lipstick is a nice and great quality design with some really thought-out small details. I always have a desire to take this lippie with me and apply it again and again. The #4 Street Rose shade is the tenderest color that can be worn on a daily basis. It really makes me look more romantic and my total look complete. What’s more it gives great hydration effect to my lips.


And here’s the end of the advantages list. The application is frankly shitty and the formula accentuates all the blemishes that I don’t want accentuated. It stains clothes and cheeks of your beloved man. And of course it fades too quickly. And I want to highlight that it isn’t a 5-dollar lipstick. I paid almost 40 bucks for it and ended up with a bad-quality product. Unfortunately I can’t assess this lippie with more than 3 stars. I won’t recommend it either. I don’t see the point of paying too much money for the known brand and beautiful design.


Thanks for your attention and have a great shopping day! Wink

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