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Written on Monday, June 5, 2017
Pros: beautiful scent, healthy glow, high quality, long-lasting, seen effect, spf 25
Cons: simple packaging

I’ve been longing to have this product for a very long time, and now I finally bought it. And I’m eager to share my impressions about it!

Why have I paid attention to it?

I can’t pass by the product which gives the glow effect with a light coverage. What's more, I do love the scent of the Meteorites by Guerlain, and this product has it!

Moreover, the descriptions on different sites are quite promising and tempting, so here I’ll cite just a few of them:

What it is:

A light-revealing sheer makeup foundation that evens skin tone, refreshes, and creates a youthful-looking complexion.

What it does:

This sheer foundation restores skin’s radiance and minimizes signs of fatigue as it unifies, smooths, refreshes, and plumps the appearance of skin. It creates a natural-looking result and evens skin tone without thickness, providing a mask effect that leaves the skin feeling softer, smoother, and fresher. Formulated with rainbow-perfecting technology, it’s infused with "rainbow" pearl pigments in red, blue, green, and gold shades that blend onto the skin to subtly correct, unify, and revive the complexion. The result is a face that appears more rested, plumper, and more radiant. It leaves behind a delicate violet fragrance that is inimitable and ultra-addictive.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:

- Parabens

- Sulfates

- Phthalates

What else you need to know:

Inspired by pearls of light, this product offers a combination of six actions in a magical, feather-light, refined texture with a violet fragrance, the legendary scent of Météorites.

Suggested Usage:

-Apply evenly to entire face, from the center outwards, or dab onto specific areas to light up the features.

-For a perfect finish and enhanced radiance, layer with a halo of Météorites Perles de Powder or Météorites Compact.

At first, the product was packed in a cardboard box, which had a light pinky color, inside of which we could see the foundation in the usual plastic tube:

I want to note, that I don’t love the design of the tube at all. It looks primitive for Guerlain, especially if you recollect their beautiful eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks and the Meteorites. But, that’s my own subjective opinion. The tube is convenient to take with, though. But actually, I don’t take foundations with me, but if you do, you’ll be interested:)

As we open the lid, we can see the pump, which works very good, by the way:

On the lid, there is an engraved emblem of the House of Guerlain:

Out of all the colors, I chose the lightest "2 Clair" for me.

There are 3 of them:

2 Clair

3 Medium

4 Doré

My color fits my skin color, once blended, but has actually a light beige color with pink undertones. The texture of the foundation is quite liquid:

And, as a pleasant bonus - there’s a familiar fragrance of violets on my face, it’s not very strong, by the way:)

My impressions:

I want to say that when buying this product, I didn’t mean to get a product to conceal all my trouble spots. I don’t need it, as far as I’ve got quite good and normal skin. The only thing that I need is to even the skin color, hide redness and enlarged pores:

When I applied it for the first time, I couldn't assess it fully:) I think that it happened because a lot of beauty bloggers tell that if you like Teint Miracle by Lancome, you’ll love Baby Glow as well, as they are the same.

Teint Miracle is the ideal foundation for me, that’s why I became interested in Baby Glow, but are they really alike? I’ll tell you a bit later:)

So, at first the product seemed too lightweight for me, the coverage was so minimal, that I even thought that there wasn’t any at all. Later, I did see the coverage and here are some more details about it:

  • the coverage is super light, it won’t conceal any visible blemishes such as pimples, acne, post acne. So, this product won’t suit girls with problematic skin!
  • The product conceals the redness and under eye circles, which I was really surprised by (usually I use my concealer for that area, but I was just interested to try).
  • The glow effect is seen, I like it very much. It’s delicate and just great.
  • Baby Glow gives my face the instant fresh and healthy look.
  • It looks also great on the aging skin, as it doesn’t define wrinkles at all (I tested it on my mum).
  • I don’t have flaking, so the product doesn’t define it and doesn’t find it where it can’t be.
  • I noticed a quite interesting effect on the parts of the skin, where I have the enlarged pores. Once applied the product gets into them, but later becomes invisible and that way hides them well.

Let’s look at it:

In general the Baby Glow isn’t much seen on the face and creates the effect of a real baby skin, so fresh and healthy:)

  • the lasting power is okay. In the morning I apply it without a setting powder. In three hours or so, my skin looks rather decent:

  • But later, the oily shine starts to appear and then I have to touch-up with powder, and, after that, my make-up lasts all day.

The comparison with Teint Miracle by Lancome

I bought the Baby Glow when I ran out of Teint Miracle. This time I decided not to buy the Teint Miracle again, but to try my long desired Baby Glow, because I heard that these products are almost the same:)

Are they, really? Yes, texture-wise and by characteristics, they are the same. But still the foundation by Lancome is better for me, as it combines the lightweight coverage and the good concealing properties. I’m 100% delighted with the result it shows on my face.

The Baby Glow has the same great properties, but does a worse job, as it doesn't even the skin tone very well, so it'll be suitable only for the daytime usage to re-freshen the face and give it the healthy and glowing look. It’s also the most invisible on the face:)

It’s absolutely up to you to decide whether to buy or not the Baby Glow, as it’s quite pricey and I can’t say that the product is worth its money 100%, here everything depends on your expectations. I want to say that the product does the job that it promised to do. I don’t regret buying it and I'm using it with a great pleasure:)

General information about the product:

Name: The foundation fluid Les Tendres Meteorites Baby Glow Guerlain

Made in France

Nt Wt: 30 ml

I hope that my review was useful for you!

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