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Written on Monday, April 1, 2019

Lipsticks are the kind of cosmetics that quickly reproduce in a makeup bag. All this new and limited stuff and trendy trends can make your collection grow larger and larger.

Thanks to my passion for beauty boxes (which faded now), an incredibly beautiful lipstick has appeared in my collection and today I’m gonna talk about it.


There are products where just their design itself makes your heart leap. It’s high end mostly, but sometimes, mid-end items can do it do, and this is exactly the case.

The lipstick comes housed in a tube that imitates a typical lipstick bullet. The trick isn’t new but it looks cool. The golden letters aren’t eye-catching, unlike the lipstick and its color.

The plastic is solid, and the letters don’t come off.

Each product needs a feature, and this one’s is its logo. An owl is looking at you from the cap, and owls are known for their wisdom. I mean it’s like they guarantee the content will be quality.

The stopper works almost flawlessly, giving out enough to cover the lips. The heart-shaped applicator is soft, fluffy and flexible.

Oh, Swatches.

I wouldn’t say the formula is runny. It’s mousse-like with a sweet candy scent. I wish I could eat spoonfuls of it!

The color is named Sangre which means Blood in Spanish. Maybe so, but in my opinion the color is cold and berry. Not that I’m a professional at coloristic or color names.

Lipstick in use and my thoughts.

It looks great in the whole look. A very beautiful and noble color that, like most saturated dark colors doesn’t forgive if you there are any tiny pimples or skin imperfections. So don’t be like me and use a foundation or a concealer.

But the point is, the finish doesn’t look good on my lips.

You think you have perfect lips? This lipstick will challenge you and show all the tiny dry spots you have.


My lips aren’t that bad and I do my best to take care of them and as a result they look decent. At least, my favorite matte lipsticks from Huda and Lime Crime look much better and don’t make this horror appear on my lips.

In the photo below you can see the Lime Crime Lipstick. The color is whimsical and yet it looks much better than that from Hank and Henry.

These guys, however, are ruthless…

It’s unbelievable, but the lipstick doesn’t worsen the condition of the lips. If you remove it and apply something else, the result will be decent.

It doesn’t dry out and feels pretty comfortable, at least until you look in a mirror. And makes me want to remember all the swear words I know. The applicator is pretty handy, but the mousse-like formula makes the application process more complicated, especially when it comes to drawing lip contours. This you can spot in the photo.

None of my lipsticks leaves stains on my teeth so I can’t count this as an advantage.

The lipstick is pretty durable and lives through 2-3 hours of chatting. It’s way worse with snacks, because after food, the lipstick falls off in pieces.

I’ve put so much hope into this…

Price: 16 USD. I think I am in my right to demand something decent for the price.


The color is gorgeous, but the result is mediocre, and I don’t want to believe that my lips are responsible for it, because there are many matte lipsticks that don’t turn them into raisins.

Not recommended. Will keep only for taking photos.

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Gwalchca doesn't recommend Hank & Henry Lip Aesthetic Liquid Lipstick

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