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Written on Friday, April 26, 2019

For a long time, I was looking at the Hourglass makeup. But since it’s too pricey, I cringed to splurge $40 for a single of a blusher or a powder. So, I was anxiously waiting for the moment when they release their Christmas limited edition palettes, where I could try out 6 products at once.

I opted for the lavender palette and not for the hit on YouTube which is called Unlocked. In my opinion, that palette flatters more swarthy gals, while I’m paler.

They argue a lot on whether it’s worth buying the full palette where the price for 1g of the product is higher than in the singles. But can you recollect the moment when you used your full-sized highlighter or a blusher up?

So, even though it does cost like a wing of an aircraft, I still find the palette more profitable. And I bought it.

It consists of the two finishing powders:

- Dim light

- Diffused light

I love them both, so I prefer mixing them together before application.

Somehow they magically blur my pores away and my dim and dry skin revives and glows with health and beauty.

The powders are tightly pressed, so despite me using it on a daily basis for almost 2 months already, the refills still look brand new.

Also, you can buy these two powders separately, if you manage to use them up in the palette.

Then, there’s a highlighter or a Strobe Powder. It’s a really gentle and natural strobing powder which appears natural on my skin but most importantly it doesn’t accentuate my skin blemishes but really conceals them (I mean my skin texture of course).

You can also buy this one separately in the shade Euphoric Strobe Light.

Then, let’s pass over to the bronzer in the shade Filtered Bronze Light.

It does inspire me a lot as well. I’m a fan of glowing bronzers and this one seems to have a dupe which is 10 times cheaper. And that is the E.L.F. baked bronzer.

Even though they might seem different in tone, they look absolutely identical on my face and even in the swatches! You won’t ever tell one from another.

And finally, here’s the blush that comes with two shades:

- Luminous Glow

- Euphoric Fusion

These are beautiful and expensive looking rightly-toned blushes. I can’t make out which one is my favorite but I know that many people mostly lean to the dark and vinous shades. As for me, I can’t say anything because tastes are different.

I’ve fallen in love with this palette and with the brand too.

The palette is so handy and travel-friendly. It has all the needed products in it.

What do I have to say in the end: this is one of those products which cost a lot but it’s worth the price 100% because of its quality.

Is this palette a must-have? No, it isn’t. But if you crave it and you can afford it, then I assure you won’t be disappointed with it.

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