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Written on Friday, February 9, 2018

Today we will speak about a universal product which can really revive totally dried out gel eye liners and of course turn any eyeshadows and pigments into liquid eyeliner. Meet the Duroline by Inglot.

Maybe I’m a little bit late with a review, 3-4 years late as that was the time when Duraline was super popular and hyped. But I have to tell you that all these years I was just enjoying all the beauty of the Duraline.

So, the product comes in a glass bottle of 9ml. At first it seems that 9ml sized bottle is too small, but considering the liquid texture of the product, it’ll definitely last a few years for sure! The top cap is actually a glass dropper which is so handy to control the amount of the product you’re going to use.

As I’ve already said before the product is versatile. I’ll list all the ways of use shortly:

♥ The first one and the most frequently used by me is the gel liner transformation. We all know how quickly they are to dry out. One drop is enough to transform one jar of dried out gel liner to make up both eyes.

♥ The second option is to turn eyeshadows into an eyeliner or cream eyeshadows. Smile

To do so you need to scrap some pressed eyeshadows (or just take loose eyeshadows) and add a couple of drops of Duraline and mix well to the smooth consistency (till all the clumps are dissolved) and then quickly apply it to your eyes, as the mixture will dry down fast.

And one more thing. A lot of people mix the product somewhere on the back of their hands or use small containers, while I prefer doing it in the refill pan itself. Nothing will happen with the rest of eyeshadows in the pan.

And here they are, the grey cat flicks are ready.

♥ The third option. Use the Duraline as an eyeshadow primer. Everything is very easy. Just apply a bit of the product to your eyelids, let it dry a little and then apply eyeshadows.

This technique will make your eyeshadows more intense in color and more long-wearing (especially great for evening makeup). But personally I don’t like this way of using of Duraline as eyeshadows apply too thick then and look very unnatural.

As for the staying power I can say that it’s the best. No weather condition will ever destroy your makeup.

This is how I tried to smudge my eyeliner. And you can see the result

Duraline is a unique product, which will turn your daily makeup into something special with colorful cat flicks and many more options…

And in the end I want to say that no matter how much the product is worth now, it’s absolutely worth every dime.

Of course 5 stars from me!

And what are your ways of using the Duraline?

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cartoongirl recommends Inglot Cosmetics Duraline

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