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Written on Tuesday, February 20, 2018

I bought this product before its mad popularity and hype. So I had no problems of finding and buying it. What’s more I had to discover all the options of using it myself, as there were almost no reviews at that time. Well I had enough time to test it as well as hook all my besties on it so now it high time to share with you.

First of all, the product isn’t claimed to be “an eyeshadow primer” it’s just a product to make any texture turn into liquid. Its texture is just a compilation of many silicones which is proved by liquid and oily consistency. The product doesn’t get stiff and is really fast absorbing into the skin.

The glass dropper is very convenient: one drop that comes out at the press of a button is enough for one use. Well, almost enough, depending on what you’re doing and how you're using it. Since there are a lot of ways to use the Duraline I want to add that not all of them refer to makeup. But I suggest to start with the simplest and best known uses.

First of all you can use the Duraline to revive your eyeliner consistency. This way of using the Duraline will be especially liked by those who aren’t ready to say goodbye to their precious eyeliner, even though it has become dry and stiff. It won’t affect the technical characteristics of the product. There’s a chance that you’ll like the revived consistency even more than one of a new product. (not all the brands make their products perfect texture-wise)

Secondly. Use the Duraline to turn powder textures into liquid. This use is extremely popular for any nicely grinned loose pigments, though it may become a little more difficult with the glitter. You see the glitter has bigger particles, hence they are more difficult to cling together even with the Duraline’s help. Well, it’s still possible to “sit” the glitter over the Duraline, but it won’t be very long-wearing. The same goes to cat flicks. For example you decided to apply glitter on an open face part that won’t touch anything (for instance some create some art on a cheekbone) then the product will stay there longer.

If you want to make a cat flick with your pressed powder eyeshadows, then at first you’ll need to use a spatula to scrape the right amount of eyeshadows to mix on your hand or palette with the Duraline. And only after that apply the finished creamy texture to your eyes. Usually the technique of dipping the brush into the Duraline and then picking eyeshadow with it doesn’t give the desired effect.

Third use. Use the product to correct makeup mishaps. Some people prefer to use a q-tip for that but you’ll have to use several q-tips to remove the highly-packed pigment product from your skin. And still there’ll be stains anyway.

The Duraline corrects everything on the first go: I use a flat synthetic brush of a straight cut to lightly dip it into the product and then swipe it gently over the areas where I have a mishap. I really appreciate this way of use especially when it comes to bright lipstick application if I accidentally lost contours or made a bad cat flick.

Fourth use - eyeshadow base. I put this use the fourth and not the first for a definite reason.You know here the Duraline is no way better than my Holy Grail NYX HD product. Well and I don’t actually need it from the Duraline. Most frequently I use it to apply a little over my eyelids before the loose pigment application when I don’t want to turn them into creamy textures. For example, in the picture below I did this very quick and easy makeup by mixing the two colors together (purple and turquoise) with the Duraline. It’s way easier for me to work with dry pigments.

Over the Duraline the pigments stay on very well. But the same will happen if I apply them over any sticky cream eyeshadow base. The only thing that’s different is that the Duraline dries down quicker and I have to be fast to apply pigments. But the blending will be way simpler over Duraline for sure.


All in all of course I will recommend this product for purchasing. But it isn’t a product for those who don’t wear bright makeup.

If you prefer a nude and calm makeup that takes no more than 5-10 minutes to do, then the Duraline isn’t for you and there’s no need to splurge.

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Veleena recommends Inglot Cosmetics Duraline

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