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Written on Thursday, May 16, 2019

Hello there, my dear readers!

Spring is here and I want to fill my makeup pouch with some new items and explore some different brands.

I hadn’t ever heard about the J.Cat beauty brand, so looking through the available assortment, I concluded that it was a regular makeup brand with nothing extra in there. But still, I decided to give it a shot.

Looking through all the items there, and I want you to remember that I was filling in my new makeup pouch, I could make out only this matte lippie. Let’s review it.

Who - J.Cat Beauty

What - matte lipstick

Shade - Boyfriend’s Friend

Country - USA

Casing - hard matte black plastic with a see-through window of shade on it. The shape is perfect and really eye-catching!

I adore lipsticks. Since I’m already experienced enough and used to tame all kinds of lippies from sticks to liquids, I decided that one swatch on my hand would be enough for me to jump to a decision.

I was surprised to discover the poor color selection at the store. But they all still looked vibrant and sophisticated. Somehow, the shade Boyfriend’s Friend seemed to be the most flattering among others online.



In store, this shade met me with its vibrant and cool-toned pink swatch, revealing its thick consistency and creamy texture.

I fell for it. It was true that the shade looked super cold under those lights in the store. But I was hoping that once I apply it over my lips, it would look more muted over my natural pigment.

And I bought it.


Price - $4.99

At home, I could already see that something was wrong.

The dark and thick mauve lipstick turned out to be too vibrant. And it has nothing to do with its shade!


The shade in the stick and top cap is the same! It’s even the same on my lips and hand.

And here I understood that I got trapped with a too cold and unnatural undertone. My lips looked frozen and dead cold with it on. Have a look:


The finish is so terribly cold that it looks like a lipstick from the 80s that my grandma adored when she was a young girl!


I don’t welcome such results of course. I started to think on how to mute this cool undertone and decided to fill in my lips with the right shade of a lip liner beforehand.

I found a lip liner in my stash which was almost identical to my natural lip color. And then, the lippie revived and appeared gentler and more deeply-toned. The finish now looks more muted and less vibrant.



I think of having a darker lip liner for adjusting the intensity of the color on my lips but it’s already another story to tell.

So, let’s continue with this one.


The texture of the lipstick is gentle, buttery and shimmer-free. It doesn’t settle into my lip crevices but it can budge, even though I wear it with a lip liner. It doesn’t turn matte even after setting. Well, actually it doesn’t even set completely and remains the same and non-drying. The product isn’t matte. Here, I have something to say to the maker.

Yet, it was still tough to get it washed off from my hand.

The performance is okay. It does vanish from my lips throughout the day but I appreciate that it doesn’t dry out my lips like many other matte lippies. The thing is that I’m already much into the texture which set on my lips and then I can feel free to eat drink and even touch them with my scarf.

As for this one, it fades after a meal, leaving a slight hint of its presence behind (and the leftovers of the lip liner, of course).

Overall, it’s a waste of money for me.

I have the same quality lipstick which costs 2 times less.


I give it 3 stars for the fake promises of a matte finish and all other woes.


I can recommend it only to those who are seeking for a lippie that I wasn’t seeking:

- vibrant teenager color (the palette is full of them)

- creamy texture (and all the follow-up problems with it)

- troublesome application.


If you’re not among them and you want to have a good matte lipstick, toss this one. 😏

Thank you for reading.

Yours, Dahlia

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