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Written on Tuesday, October 9, 2018
Pros: cruelty-free, extreme payoff, fuss-free blending, unusual color selection, vegan friendly

Hey guys!

This Jeffree eyeshadow palette was announced a really long time ago, in January. Once I saw it, I fell for it immediately. It was love at first sight. I also expected that this palette (considering its packaging and formula) would cost at least $200 but I was wrong as the palette costs only $56.

It was released in February but I couldn’t get my hands onto it till September. So finally, here it is!

It’s a box. It really looks like a cassette recorder. Smile


… there’s a heavy fake leather palette waiting for us. I could have never guessed that such a palette would cost so little. In my book, it looks so expensive and luxurious. There isn’t a brand which has managed to create SUCH a beautiful and unique eyeshadow palette. It feels so pricey in my hands. Smile


A few words about the Jeffree Star cosmetics. ALL his formulas are cruelty-free, which means that they don’t test on animals. I don’t know anything about the previous palettes, but this one is VEGAN-FRIENDLY. I’ll explain what that means. All, ALL the red pigmented products (lipsticks, mascaras, blushes and even paints) are created with the help of Carmine. It is a bug. A smashed bug. It is safe for health but it isn’t pleasant to apply a smashed bug on my skin, you know. Smile And this palette doesn’t include this component. All the red pigments here were created in labs, there aren’t any bugs to them. That’s why the palette is vegan-friendly.

That’s why the back of the palette’s cover (I didn’t take a photo of this) states that red, pink and lilac shades CAN leave stains over the skin after removal. But in general, if you do your makeup everyday, those stains would be easily covered with your eyeshadows another day, I mean those stains which are so difficult to wash off with micellar water.

I want to highlight it again: the staining isn't crucial and is barely visible.


The inside of the palette =) :


At first sight and in general, one can think that this palette is appropriate only for red makeup looks. This is all due to the design of the red and lower red-lilac rows. But it isn’t true. The palette is warm-toned, that’s true. Have a look: half of the shades is rather neutral and brown-toned (my favorite tone).


The palette is serving three unique formulas: mattes (Glucose, Sugarcane, Cake Mix, Ouch, Intravenous, Tongue Pop, Cavity, O Positive, Root Canal, Prick, Cherry Soda, Fresh Meat, Extraction, and Coma), two metallic shades (Donor and Blood Sugar), and two top coats (Candy Floss and Sweetener). ALL the shades apply easy-breezy and they aren’t difficult to blend. I don’t even have to try hard to create a beautiful transition shade on my eyes. And it comes even to those dark shades.

Well, maybe only the Fresh Meat shade is a little bit more difficult and it requires more time to work out and blend.


All the names of the shades are kind of connected with a dental theme. According to Jeffree, he used to suffer some dental problems so much that he even had to restore his teeth and it inspired him for this palette creation. That’s why the palette might look so medical-like. I like this idea a lot. By the way, not all the refill pans have the branded star sign on them. The shades Prick and Coma have another print to rapture the atmosphere of the palette in general. So creative, isn’t it? And again, I guess it cost a lot to manufacture the palette but still, he managed to create a masterpiece that doesn’t cost a fortune.


So now, the swatches. Guys, I love applying my eyeshadows with brushes. You can see the way the color looks applied with a fingertip on the pan. In general, I don’t take those swatches applied with fingers seriously. My swatches were done with a flat brush, with a primer, which I hate, on the left side of my hands and on the right you can see the true colors applied WITHOUT A PRIMER. I double dipped the brush for the swatches and cleansed it with a sponge for cleansing makeup brushes between their application.

Swatches of the neutral shades and toppers:

Swatches of the red shades:

They all apply beautifully with and without a primer. I also didn’t like that the primer made the shades so chunky, I don’t know. I can’t see any difference in color between the left and right sides. Smile


So finally, we’re close to the comparison! When I reviewed this palette, I mentioned that I didn’t like the purple color there. And here I decided to compare them. But that palette didn’t even have a word of being cruelty-free or anything. And I have to tell you, guys, that it’s such a pain in the ass to create a red pigment in the lab, you know. Considering the fact that the palette includes Carmine, I expected a better color payoff.

Have a look, nothing to comment here:

And if that palette has Carmine, it should be better pigmented. And again: the purple shade is also difficult to create. And I can see that Jeffree managed to do it, without any Carmine! Close-ups of the swatches:

The only more or less pigmented color:


This brown shade from Jeffre is called Intravenous. It’s red-based and really warm-toned.

I have to wash my brush after using this shade because washing with a sponge isn’t much help. There sits too much of a red pigment. Usually, this brush is beige. Smile But after these eyeshadows it’s red.


Makeups Smile:)Smile


My everyday go-to makeup look:

And then everyday makeup for a regular day. Smile Yes, I do wear such makeup on a daily basis:



And some other angle):

Total look:



I’m also trying to learn to wear makeup without an eyeliner. But nothing good comes out:


Here, the photo was taken from a distance and in general, I look kind of sad but still, I want to show you my favorite cut crease brown makeup look:

Within 12 hours:

If I tell you that I was surprised by this palette, that would mean I say nothing.

The eyeshadows look as though just applied. Nothing creased or budged.


And that’s it, guys! I’ll try to keep you updated and fill in my review with new photos, of course, if I don’t forget. Smile


- these eyeshadows blend out fabulously

- they are soft and can be worn without a primer

- they stay on the entire day

- the packaging is beautiful and unusual



I can recommend this palette for everybody! The only case when you might not like it is only if you worship cool-toned makeups (this is me sometimes). But if you love experimenting with brown and warm-toned red shades, then go ahead! Smile You’ll have so much fun using this palette. Smile It enables everybody with an endless amount of makeup looks, I just didn’t have enough time for that.

Have a good shopping day!

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MarRodriguez recommends Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Eyeshadow Palette

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