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Written on Monday, April 15, 2019

Hello, beauties!


I’m an eyeshadow junkie. There are more than 60 eyeshadow palettes in my collection so far and I still can’t get enough.



The palette came packed with a glossy purple cardboard cover:


Price - $52.

Made in the USA

Expires within 12 months of use.


Ingredients/product info:

The palette is actually a head of an alien. The faux leather is nice to the touch. The eyes are plastic and glossy. Beautiful, bright and sophisticated.

And yeah, this is a head, like a real one, which is bigger than mine, though. Alien as it is.


The palette offers a mirror inside. It’s big and good quality. It’s heavy and difficult to hold in my hands.

No film was provided, as well as brushes or sponges. This is fine for me because I won’t have to throw them away and pay for them.


The refills have their own prints on them.

Mainly this is Jefree’s branded logo - a star but there are also other prints as well, like on the Flying saucer or an X-files shades. So unique.



The color selection is interesting here. I’ve never had anything of a kind before. Peachy-gray-green-brown colors here. Interesting, unusual and so alien-esque.


The palette is logical. The basic shades are here to set the primer, highlight, accent, shape or darken. All the colors are matchy.


A close-up of the palette:

At first a swatch over my dry skin with my dry finger:

As always, I swatched the shades with a brush and my finger in rows. I combined only the last three shades, though.


Pluto - shimmering off white shade- Gentle and beige. I adore it all over my mobile lid. It highlights my inner corner so nicely. It can be packed to a metallic sheen. Bomb!


Titan - matte ivory- I use it as the basic shade because my skin is yellow-toned. It’s also perfect for mishaps blending. I love its erasing properties.


Alien - metallic plastic grass shade- Neon bold accenting shade. It’s a little bit dry but you can pack it with a brush for the on-pan pigmentation.


Interstellar - shimmering champagne shade- If only you could feel how soft it is. Super packed with pigments, which conceals EVERYTHING. Expensive, beautiful and super adorning color.


Abduction - matte neon greenish-yellow- Even though the color is beautiful, I can’t fit it into my makeup.


UFO - gilded green metallic shade- This one is also adorable. It’s creamy, bold, noble and posh on the eyes.


Gravitea - matte orange-peach shade- This is all about its blending! Nice shaper. It goes well with any color from the palette.


Martian Soil - mate brick-orange color- Blending, deepening, accenting - everything is possible with it.


Flying Saucer - matte deep green shade- It’s a cool deeply-toned green color. One can also use it as an eyeliner.


Phone Home - matte dusky rose- Shape your eyes with it or use it for blending. It’s perfect and nice.


Moon Rock - bog green metallic- Rich, deep and super beautiful. Soft and perfect.


X-Files - matte brown-green- Fantastic for darkening.

Ghost OG - matte muddy-green- It’s also good for darkening. But I don’t like it because it isn’t so easy to work with. It requires time to get used to it.


Area 51 - matte super lilac- Very deep, pigmented, INSANELY beautiful. And yeah, this is a pigment. It requires packing for the best color payoff.


Space Cowboy - metallic, dark green based brow shade- It’s very easy to pack. You’ll see what happens when I try to blend it out.


Probe - classy metallic green color, which is brown based- Awesome duochrome for smokey eyes.


Tall Grey - matte gray-blue shade- Fantastic for blending.


Black Hole - black matte color- Well pigmented, easy to blend out and very good quality-wise. It’s perfect.



This is one of the most pigmented palettes. It’s more pigmented than Anastasia, in my book. This comes to the metallic shades the most. They are able to conceal everything, even the black color!

I don’t have to prime my eyes for the cut crease.

The products don’t dust during application, only on pan maybe.

The shimmers can fall out a little but I do my eye makeup first. Be careful with the Space Cowboy color, it is able to turn your makeup into a glittery mess.



  • mattes - soft, silky, pleasant to the touch. They pack well and are dusty on the pan.

  • Shimmering/metallics - they are like butter. Fantastic application. Some are drier, some are softer. Sometimes all I have to do is to pack them to the BOMB effect.


Blending- Super easy. The only issue is the Area51 shade, which requires more patience.


Packing- Gorgeous. The textures blend one into another. If you want, you can pack the color endlessly long.


Fallout- Space Cowboy, I’ve mentioned it.



#1. Neutral fall

  • Titan - set the primer

  • Gravitea - crease

  • Moon Rock - mobile lid

  • Pluto -inner corner

  • X-files - deepen the crease

  • Black Hole - deepen the outer corner, along with the lower lashes

  • Eyeliner + mascara


#2 Lilac champagne:

  • Titan - set the primer

  • Phone Home and Gravitea - blending

  • Area 51 - crease

  • Phone Home - to blend Area 51

  • Area 51 - pack for the outer corner

  • Black Hole - deepen

  • Interstellar - mobile lid

  • Pluto - inner corner

  • Eyeliner

  • Mascara

#3 neon gilded-green:

  • Titan - set the primer

  • Gravitea - shape

  • Alien - outer and inner corners

  • UFO - to the apples

  • Pluto - inner corner

  • Ghost OG - to darken the crease

  • Mascara

#4 Emerald smokey - I forgot to take a close-up picture and took it within 10 hours! My makeup still looks awesome.

  • Titan - set the base

  • Tall Gray - shape

  • Gravitea - blend into the skin

  • Probe - mobile lid

  • Black Hole - darken the outer V, lower lash line + black kajal for the waterline

  • Interstellar - inner corner

  • Eyeliner, mascara

#5 Neutral green-golden-brown:

  • Titan - to set the primer

  • Gravitea - shape

  • X-files - dark crease

  • Space Cowboy mobile lid

  • X-files - blending

  • Interstellar - inner corner

  • Moon Rock - to the apples

  • Eyeliner + mascara


Staying power - fantastic! No creasing or fading over a primer.


I remove them with micellar water.

Spending- Average. I’ve already wiped off the stars on the top. I use the palette for 2 weeks every day.



The good:

★ Space design, fantastic packaging

★ Size

★ Unbelievable color selection.

★ Fantastic blending

★ All the colors are matchy

★ Awesome blending (Ghost OG requires some skills)

★ Good spending.


★ I have to put on my eye makeup first

★ The size and weight of the palette.

The bad:

★ No!


The palette is awesome! Buy once you see it!


Thanks for your attention!

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El Khvos recommends Jeffree Star Cosmetics Alien Eyeshadow Palette

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