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Written on Friday, July 6, 2018
Pros: color selection, i don’t have to line my lips, thick coverage, unusual shades
Cons: i have to wipe it off to touch-up, the formula isn’t build-able

Do you like those reviews where there are a lot of shades shown? Smile I do! This is why I decided to write a review of 12 colors of matte lipsticks by Kiss myself. Smile The brand has only started to appear on the market worldwide, and if I got it right, they’re trying their best to promote the brand. :)I heard the brand offers a lot of good quality products, so I decided - why not to make a review of some of them? I can hardly ever find reviews of their products, so I believe that you’ll love my masterpiece. :DMy review will be long and beautiful. I tried very hard to take good shots. So, let’s start. Smile These are the colors I’m going to make a review of. Everything is gathered here - from fair nudes to mulberry shades. Smile Here are the swatches.

This is how the product looks in the sunlight. As you can see it has already set and became absolutely matte. I want to say it right here that some colors look different on camera and I’ll tell you which ones below. Smile

The size of the tube is 4.5ml, the tube is matte and plastic.

This is the stopper. Even though the neck of the tube is rather big, the applicator still doesn’t have a lot of the formula on it.

The applicator looks like this and I can say it’s fine for me, even though I find its shape pretty useless. I can outline my lips with it easy-breezy and there aren’t any problems with it at all. The contours look even.

I don’t want to make my review huge, that’s why I’ll show you the photos and then describe all the advantages and disadvantages of the product. SmileShade #07. This is the fairest color from my collection. The color doesn’t look right here. In life it’s a warm toned beige shade and I have to admit that it looks awful over me. And of course such shades usually have the same disadvantages. They usually look like a mask and apply streaky. They also fade unpleasantly and I can’t recommend this very color, at least without testing beforehand. The photo shows the product really wrong, making it cold-beige, which isn’t true!

Shade #08. This one is also pretty fair and in general it doesn’t look good on my lips, yet still, this one is better than the previous shade. I guess it’s still possible to tame this color, even though it can be time consuming. The color is whimsical, as many others. This one doesn’t look true to life either and seems more cool-toned and maybe a tad more beautiful on camera. I don’t recommend buying it without swatching. Smile

Shade #07. Here, things go much better! I like this shade. It’s such an ashed pink color, which looks amazing over my lips. It doesn’t look patchy or streaky, all in all, I like everything about it. Smile Shade #05. It’s a good and beautiful color, though it isn’t unique. It really reminds me of the Istanbul color from NYX. It also applies nicely, opaque and streak-free. Shade #06. I adore this one. It’s so interesting color-wise, but I think it’s more pink-toned in life. Smile In this photo the color looks more true to life.

Shade #04. This one is also adorable, summer-like and juicy. It has a thick coverage and easily hides my natural lip pigment. Smile

Shade #03. It looks like a fuchsia color. I like such shades a lot. Smile

Shade #15. A freakout color, for sure. Laughing out loud In the picture it looks lavender, but in reality it's more warm-toned and beautiful. Smile I was impressed with the way it applies on my lips. Smile It doesn’t leave any streaky finish behind and I really believe it compliments me. Smile Yet the color isn’t for everybody, because it’s really complicated, yet sophisticated.

Shade #02! Oh, this is a carrot, really! Such shades look terrific on me, but I have to admit that I like the way it applies on my lips. Fantastic! Smile Shade #01. Classy red color. Nothing else to be said here. Smile Shade #11. This one is merely complicated and boring. Again it looks distorted here. It’s seemingly a dark-gray-brown color with a mauve undertones. The color is unusual and this is its true featur that stands it out. Smile Shade #14. Dark-red. It’s a good color, but as many other similar shades this one has got its peculiarities. It applies a tad streaky, but in real life it’s much better. I know it for sure that they also have bright-purple and dark-blue colors in the collection, but I had no chance to take a photo of them. Smile Yet still I believe that my review is informative for you. SmileWhat are the advantages of these lipsticks? Smile

The thick texture covers my natural lip pigment on the first go.

The formula is transfer-proof and it can easily stay put through a light meal.

It doesn’t feather.

In general, the lipstick is pretty long-wearing. If you have bites throughout the day, than it’ll merely survive them. But if you don’t eat, then you can be sure that it’ll hold a half the day easy-breezy. Smile

Here I tried to wash off the product with soap.

Here I rinsed it with water but the product is still put, you see. Smile

I don’t even have to use a lip liner before the application, because the formula doesn’t bleed or feather.

The consistency doesn’t show my dry lips relief. To take these shots I applied all the colors in a row. I did it the following way: I wiped one lipstick off, applied some lip balm, applied another lipstick and even after all those tortures my lips still looked good in the end.

You can feel free to run the contour where you need it. I did it in all the shots. Smile:)The formula applies pretty pleasant on my lips and it isn’t drying.

The color selection is divine! There are so many exceptional colors like: lavender, blue and complicated gray-brown and mauve shade and even carrot (!). I don’t know, maybe they have some other crazy shades in the collection. :)The product doesn’t dry down immediately. There’s still time to correct you boo-boos if you’ve done any.

What are the disadvantages?

Well, the fairest shade is a failure, guys.

Besides, these lipsticks don’t have a buildable formula, that’s why I can apply only one layer of them! If do try to layer, then they start flaking off over time, reminding me of the Lime Crime lipsticks, when their shelf life is coming to an end.

I feel them present on my lips a little, not too critical, though and fairly comfortable, yet still I wish I didn’t feel them present at all.

The lipsticks can crack some time later, if you smile a lot. So, it’s better to wipe them off and re-apply. It especially comes to the darker shades a lot, which are blue, purple and lavender. Nude and pink colors behave better. They can disappear only from the inside of my mouth.

I wish these lippies had a more pliant texture, like the Inglot lipsticks. Such texture would have eliminated the problem of cracking and present on my lips feeling in a snap. Smile

If you are about to have a full meal, then it’ll be better to wash the product off from your lips completely and apply the formula after a meal again. It isn’t a good option to try to touch-up after a meal, you know.

In general, the lipsticks aren’t bad. I can advise you to pay attention to them. There are a lot of uncommon colors and of course the wear time is above all praise here. I assess the product with 4 stars. I can’t say that it’s the best lipstick that I’ve ever tried, yet still I can’t say that it’s bad either. Smile

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