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Written on Monday, September 2, 2019

I adore all kinds of purple color. I also love cool-toned pink-purple eyeshadows. So, for quite a long time I was thinking on which palette to buy for me. You see, there aren’t many TRULY purple eyeshadow palettes in the market. They might be said to be purple but in fact, the palette would have only 1 purple refill there, 2 tops. But when I first saw this palette from Kylie, I knew it for sure that was it.


  • Price: $42

  • Weight: 9 refill pans, 1.4g each. That’s pretty much indeed!


And here it is!

The palette was packed in a box. It’s soft to the touch on the cover, like the NARS packages. The back of it has a list of ingredients.

As for the palette, it’s made of thick and glossy cardboard which is very easy to clean.


The back of the palette has all the names of the shades and refill weight.

And these are the shades <3

The palette features a nice and big mirror inside.


A close-up of the shades:

I’ll tell you about each shade in details. All the swatches were applied without a primer in one go.

Periwinkle – my disappointment. It’s pink and shimmering in the refill but it’s too chunky and white on my eyes.

I can’t apply it with a dry brush, only with a damp one. The shimmer flakes off during application and while wearing.


Trophy is a shimmering bronze color. The only non-cool shade in the palette. Why? Later, I knew that such shades are usually used to fit purple-toned makeups. Now I have to say it’s the most wearable bronze shade in my collection.

You won’t succeed at applying it with a dry brush but if you pick it up with a damp brush, it opens up differently and feels as though creamy. It’s very well pigmented! Apply it gradually or else it’ll flake off.


Stone is another disappointing shade. But I dislike it more because it’s matte and blending which makes it essential. It’s gray-brown in the palette and too gray on my eyes. Sad It’s fair and I can’t fit it for blending. Have to use it with other blending shades from other palettes.


Lilac is a matte fair-purple shade. I love it. It’s almost white but on my eyes, it shifts to lilac. It’s a really COOL shade and my makeup is FROSTY with it. Laughing out loud


Wine ‘N Dine is a more or less predictable vinous shade. Usually, such colors are said to be purple but in life, they are more vinous. It becomes red when I blend it out, so I hardly ever use it. At first, I used to apply it with patches but now I’ve gotten used to it.


Turning Violet is the very shade that made me purchase this palette.

No red shift, it’s just beautiful as it is! It isn’t dark, so don’t darken your eye crease with it. I’d say it’s vibrant and eye-catching as Lilac. It’s very accenting, so be careful while working with it. I love wearing it in the crease but not too much. This way, it's visible but still not screaming on my eyes.


Amethyst is a lilac topper. It’s semi-sheer but I can see some obvious purple pigment to it. I mean, it’ll be visible even if I wear it solo.

Like all other shimmering shades from the palette, this one is to be applied with a damp brush. It shifts to raspberry a little. I don’t welcome it on my mobile lid, so I wear it on my lower lids more often.


Purple Smoke is amazing! This is my favorite shimmering shade from all the eyeshadow palettes that I have! Only a damp brush. It falls out. But it’s fantastic! It’s rather dark in the refill but on my eyes, it’s more like pink and shimmering over the gray-purple base. I wear it a lot for my daytime makeups.


Blueberry is a gray-blue shade for the crease. It’s interesting and I like it. It dupes the black color well. But still, not good enough for cat eyes. It’s very well pigmented.


Now, I’ll show you my makeups with this palette.


















Impressions of use:

  • This palette isn’t basic if for no other reason than because the Stone shade isn’t the best for blending and it doesn’t have any other blending shades here.

  • The shimmers can be applied only with a damp brush.

  • All shimmering shades fall out. But the palette has a unique shade, Purple Smoke.

  • These aren’t the most long-wearing eyeshadows that I have. The staying power highly depends on the primer I use.

  • The matte shades are very good quality-wise. I can’t be picky about them.

  • Good mirror in a palette is always advantageous.

  • The palette pushes for a thousand different makeup looks. However, most frequently, these shades are only accents for me.

  • You won’t do any calm or neutral makeups with it. Any makeup will look rather vibrant.

  • The products don’t stain my eyelids.


Is Kylie Cosmetics the same ColourPop but for more money? We all know that Kylie Cosmetics is produced in the same factories as ColourPop. But somehow, Kylie eyeshadows are usually scolded while ColourPop are praised. Isn’t that a price tag playing the game? Smile Why the hell would we pay $42 for Kylie palette if ColourPop costs from $12 to $22?I’ll tell you that from the entire variety of ColourPop palettes, I didn’t like a single one. They are mostly warm and red, and I hardly ever go for anything like that.


The bottom line

I use this palette to fit my purple mood. I love it! If you’re into purple makeups, this palette is for you too.

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