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Written on Monday, May 28, 2018


I love skincare and makeup products, but only those applied to skin and eyes. I admit that at some point I neglected lip makeup. I hardly used any lip balms or lipsticks.

Not so long ago, I discovered a Clarins Lip Oil, which became my must-have for the lip area.

And now it’s high time to tell about a lip gloss, which rocked my makeup world.

Main information:

Price: $25


The lip gloss comes in a silver box with a brand logo - the famous Lancome Rose.

The bottle is made of plastic, perfectly smooth. The cap fits tightly without any gaps where dust could accumulate.

Honestly, this product is nice to hold in your hands. There is nothing excessive about the tube, just a few golden letters and that’s it.

I like the thread on the cap which prevents staining of everything around the lip gloss.

In general, the design is really good and you don’t have to worry about this lip gloss leaking in your makeup bag.


It’s a sponge applicator, surprisingly thin and elastic.


The sponge is two-sided, with a slanted area that is so awesome to draw lip contours with. It’s really handy, I like it!

The stoppers works well and you don’t have to touch it again and again with the applicator to remove the excess. As a result, the right amount of lip gloss is taken out with the applicator.

Color and swatches:

There are 3 different finishes in the line, namely: matte, creamy and glossy. My gloss 351 belongs to the last category, it’s a glossy and nude pink-beige.

The color appears different in different lightning. For example, by daylight (no direct sun rays):

The color is really delicate. It’s a sheer formula with a lacquered finish and a lot of shimmer particles. These are tiny and I don’t feel them on my lips.

Under sunlight, the gloss shines like a mirror. Check it out:

It gives a gorgeous effect of wet lips.

The shimmer particles and the sheer formula are only visible in macro-photos.

If you have uneven spots on your lips, this gloss won’t cover them up. However, it can make all such flaws less visible. For example, I have uneven lips in the cupid’s bow area, and even though the gloss doesn’t hide it, it makes the flaw smoother, which I couldn’t be happier about.

Main characteristics of the lip gloss:

Originally, my lips are dry, even though I’ve started using lip scrubs and lip balms lately. The lip contours are asymmetrical, with a pigment spot near the cupid’s bow.

Let’s discuss the main pros and cons of this lip product:

SmileDoesn’t settle into the creases on my lips. In the photo below you can see how nice the lip gloss looks on the lower lip.

SmileDoesn’t leave the nasty white residue at the opening of the mouth. This very gross white film was the main reason I had to give up lip products, because all the lipsticks and lip balms I’d previously used turned into this film after an hour of wear, and it was hard to remove it. As I like to chat, I had to give up using such products, because I was constantly afraid this white film would make my lips appear ugly.There is no such flaw in L’Absolu Gloss Sheer, so it’s perfect in this respect and I can’t say no to it anymore.


SmileNot sticky.


Well, of course it is a bit sticky within the first 2-3 minutes after application, but it’s quite typical for such a lip lacquer, I guess.

My hair doesn’t stick to my lips even when I drive a car and the windows are open, and wind caresses my hair - and yet my hair doesn’t stick to my lips.

SmileIt’s a versatile, half-transparent shade. I think it will go with any girl. This lipstick is a great addition to any makeup.


SmileIt has no smell or taste. I hate fragranced lipsticks! I prefer natural smells like mint, or fragrance-free lipsticks. Even if this lip gloss has one, I can’t feel it on my lips.

Smile Comes off evenly, without creasing or leaving gaps. It just fades until it disappears completely, and I don’t have to run to the mirror to remove the rest of the lip gloss in the corners of my mouth.

SadBad lasting power.

On average, the gloss stays put for 1,5 or max 2 hours. This is what it looks like after an hour of wear:

A close up photo in bright sun rays.It’s such a mild glow without gloss.

Cannot live through a snack, let alone a nice meal.

SmileMoisturizes my lips. Even after the color is completely gone, I can still feel how smooth and soft my lips are. They feel so great that I don’t even want to apply any lip balm afterwards.

The high price is no downside, as I think the lip gloss lives up to it. I’m ready to pay for the quality.Well, in a nutshell: this lip gloss just rocked my makeup world, and I can’t even describe how happy I am with it!

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LightSoul recommends Lancome L`Absolu Lip Gloss

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