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Written on Saturday, December 29, 2018

I have never used such correcting primers before. I mean I tried a creamy green concealer once, but it turned out to be hardly blendable. But some time ago I received the Lancome Miracle CC Cushion in 3 different shades: green, yellow and pink. It’s a trendy cushion:

Price: 39,50 $


In the line, there is also a violet primer, but I didn't have a possibility to try it yet.


Key Features:


The cushion is housed in a plastic box. Inside, there is a mirror and a beautiful, soft sponge. However, it is more convenient for me to apply and blend the product with my fingers.

The packaging has three protection levels against drying out, namely: the upper lid, the inner lid and the foil. They close tightly so you do not have to worry about the product drying out without proper use.


The sponge is soaked with plenty of color correction primer. The product in the package weighs 7g. After a month of regular use of green and pink, there is still a lot of it left.

The ingredients:


Many people believe that such color correction primers completely hide blemishes. But that's not correct. Any makeup expert will tell you that they only balance the skin tone, neutralize the redness, and give the foundation a better hold. And if a grey spot appears on the place of the former blemish, it’s okay. Foundation will take care of it.


To find out which color you need, just look at the colors.


  • 01 Green neutralizes red
  • 02 Yellow - neutralizes purple
  • 03 Pinky peach - neutralizes blue
  • 04 Purple - neutralized yellow


Now to the each color separately:


03 Pinky peach is my favorite! It perfectly masks dark circles. With it, I don’t even need a foundation. It does not dry out the delicate skin around the eyes. But don’t overdo it, otherwise it may settle into creases:


I use the sponge with a bit of the primer over it then and then use a powder. Dark circles don’t appear throughout the day.


01 Green is also my favorite, but not like the Pinky peach of course.


My skin is problematic, with many acne marks. No concealers or foundations have been able to cover them completely. Actually, Miracle CC Cushion Color Corrector Primer in green does not do that either. But at least, the spots are less visible and I don’t have to apply my foundation in multiple coats.


In the picture you can clearly see the grey spots I’ve mentioned above. The redness is easier to cover with this green primer. Also, it does not dry out my skin, clog my pores or cause new blemishes.


02 Yellow is the strangest of them. I don’t have any purple spots. The brand claims, that the yellow color is the most versatile one that is supposed to hide redness and dull skin tone. I tried to do so, but it’s too yellow for my fair skin. Not only does the yellow primer not suit me, but also doesn’t blend out properly, it crumbles and shows skin flaking. It’s useless as a correcting primer anyway.


I just applied this primer to the certain areas but it turned out to be bum.


It’s a pity that I didn’t try the purple one, because it would be interesting to look at it on my spots with yellow skin.


4 stars from me. I liked the pink and the green colors, but the yellow one isn’t the best option for me, so not recommended.

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LetoNo4i recommends Lancome Miracle CC Cushion Color Correcting Primer

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