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Written on Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Hello everybody!

I’m finally here, I got back to the You know, for a long time, I just didn’t have any inspiration to write reviews about anything. But now it’s here back and first of all I want to tell you about a new product in my makeup bag which is Unicorn Lipstick by Lime Crime. If you’re interested, then keep on reading!

Price: $18

Made in the USA

Size: 3.5g

Ethic: the brand doesn’t test on animals

Packaging: As you’ve already seen in the photo above, the packaging of the product is vibrant and bright, totally in the Lime Crime brand’s style. On the back of the box, you’ll find all the product info, including the list of ingredients.

The lipstick itself is rather heavy and it closes safely with a click. I won’t describe the tube, just have a look yourself. It’s very beautiful, isn’t it? I’m head over heels with it!

I like it when my cosmetics looks cute and beautiful. On the one side the lipstick is adorned with a holographic unicorn - it look so childish, you know. But on the other side the lipstick looks stylish and sophisticated. Well, all in all, I like everything about it.

So, the Chinchilla shade. Honestly I was dreaming for quite a while of having this very shade. Once I saw it on YouTube in one of the beauty blogs and from that moment on, I desperately desired to buy it, yet at the same time there was something that stopped me. What exactly? Have a look at the product yourself:

It’s such a gray-wisteria color, that seemed to be whitening to my lips. I’ve never had such a whitening lipsticks before. Yet still I had a great desire to test it out. I always want to test everything out myself. I had hopes that this shade would look somehow wearable and nude-ish against my lips. There are girls who like peachy and pink shades, while I adore lilac colors and its shades.

Well, in the store I quickly grabbed this lippie and headed home to test it out. The color looks fantastic on my skin! This is the very gray-wisteria dark-toned color that I was dreaming of. It’s my kinda crazy dream! Smile

So, what did I get when I applied it over my lips? I was stunned. I didn’t even recognize this color. Is it the same lipstick indeed?

I was surprised, and it wasn’t a pleasant surprise at all. There isn’t even a hint of a beautiful gray-wisteria undertone anymore. Only the whitening blue-purple color. This is the way I see it? What about you? How do you see it? Maybe it’s just an illusion that the color doesn’t look the same?

Well, guys, this is too much for me to wear this lipstick. I do love unusual and non-standard cosmetic products, especially lipstick but here, I can’t wear this over my lips alone. Even though I’ve tried once.

Here I want to mention the characteristics of the lipsticks shortly:

  • The lipstick smells pleasantly of vanilla, yet I can’t say that the scent is chasing.

  • The lippie doesn’t have any taste.

  • The texture is clinging, plastic and applies pretty opaque even with one swipe, hiding my natural lip color.

  • The wear is very comfortable: it doesn’t dry out my lips and I don't feel it present at all.

  • Right here I want to say that I haven’t worn it for very long, so I can’t comment upon the wear time that it offers. A couple of hours of wearing is fine for it.

  • Of course the lipstick requires flawless lips (unfortunately, I don’t have my lips flawless yet still I want to show you the way the lippie looks over my lips).

I also tried to tame the product by adding some pink lip liner to it, creating the so-called ombre-effect. This is what I got in the end:

The product looks better with the pink lip liner and maybe not so much clinging. Next time, I guess I’d better add a little bit of the Sleek Pout Polish Lip balm, maybe it’ll help me to enliven the lipstick.

And, following the tradition I want to show you my total look with the Unicorn Lipstick in the color Chinchilla applied alone:

I can’t get out of the feeling as there’s something missing here about my look. Smile:)Smile

Overall: Honestly, I don’t know how many start to give to this lipstick. I absolutely hate the way this very color looks over my lips. Although, the quality of the product is good and there’s absolutely nothing for me to be picky about, I can’t assess this Unicorn Lipstick with 3 stars. I’ll put it the following way: I don’t recommend the Chinchilla shade. I can’t even imagine who it can be flattering to, indeed. But in general, the lipstick is pleasant to use, though you have to be very careful choosing the shade. It’s better to google the real swatches and preferably on the lips before the purchasing.

You can order the lipstick on the official site or buy it in a store.

Thank you everybody for reading my post! See you soon in my other reviews!

Here’s my other review of the Lime Crime cosmetic product:

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