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Written on Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Hello everybody!

I’m very pleased to tell you about the eyeshadows by Lime Crime.

Not so long time ago the Lime Crime released a palette dedicated to the famous painting by Botticelli “The Birth of Venus”. In the name of the palette, beside the Venus theme, there is also the theme of Grunge. "The Grunge Palette" which means that all the colors will be bright and bold, as the grunge style itself.

Let’s find out about the palette more?

The price: $38

Made in the USA

Cruelty free

The packaging:

The palette was packed in the plastic case, but the palette itself is of carton and closes with a magnet. It’s quite heavy and a bit bigger than my palm.

The design of the palette is gorgeous! I won’t say about it much, just show you the pictures, as it’s quite difficult to describe that beauty with words. Have a look yourself:

The Venus is like from the painting by Botticelli, but looks quite modern with blue nails and hair. Here, I can feel the style of Lime Crime, as there’s a hint of rock-n-roll, which all the colors inside are dedicated to.

The motto of the palette is: "for the Venus in you."

At the back of the lid there’s information about the ingredients and the manufacturer:

Let’s take off the case and look at the palette. As I’ve already said, it’s a carton with a magnet lock. Inside the palette there’s a big mirror with 8 unique eyeshadows under the protecting tape.

The colors in the palette are very bright, and the quality of lettering is very pleasant to look at.

I was trying to take a better photo of the palette, but in life it looks the best, it’s bright, and attractive. It’s also very pleasant to hold in hands:)

The colors

I was watching the “Birth of Venus” on the Instagram of the official site of the Lime Crime, where they posted one swatch in a few days. The coming out of the palette was so mysterious, that it was impossible to ignore it. So, let’s get back to the point:)

There are 8 hues in the palette. They’re all unique and harmoniously selected. The colors are really grungy, exactly how I like it Smile

Each hue has its own name (which also tells us that the product is thought out), and each color is great and unique in it’s own way. I’ve been waiting for that palette for my whole life! I absolutely rave about it!

For the convenient understanding, I’ll separate the palette in two parts and show you each color. All the swatches are applied without a base. for you to see the real pigmentation. I want to say that you’ll be surprised by it Smile

The first part of the palette:

  • Venus: The color of bruised fruit (velvet matte)
  • Shell: Opalescent shell-pink (glow)
  • Icon: Dirt brown (matte) very well pigmented
  • Rebirth: The color of an over-ripe nectarine (matte)

The second part of the palette:

  • Aura: Golden ivory (glow)
  • Creation: Rust brown (matte)
  • Divine: Dusty stone (matte)
  • Muse: Deep burgundy red (matte)

What do you think of these colors? I’ve never had such combination of before, but now I’ve got the entire palette of beautiful and rare colors! My favorites are Aura (it’s very beautiful satin white), Icon (stunning saturated brown that can be blended very easily), Divine (great color, I use it in every make-up), Muse (the star of the palette, I like to use it as the eyeliner), Creation (I hardly ever use it, it’s too rusty for me, but that’s a personal quirk of mine) .

It’s not an everyday use palette, because some people might think that’s too bright and not wearable, but these colors are also great to create light morning make-up (I’ll show you them a bit later), and, of course, the dear grunge make-up looks.

The quality.

After I bought the eyeshadows by Urban Decay, I absolutely fell in love with their quality. And since then, I started my torturous search of the textures that would remind me my favorite Naked palette. And I was so surprised when I tried the Lime Crime eyeshadows, which texture reminded me the UD so much!

The texture is creamy and a bit powdery, the hues dust sometimes. But the pigmentation!!! Girls, it’s absolutely insane! The color payoff is so great that on the lid it looks the same as in the refill pan. There are NO hues of a bad quality in the palette, they are all of stunning pigmentation and easy to blend.

If applied with a primer, they look even brighter and the lasting power is excellent. I never apply them without a primer. In general, the quality of the eyeshadows is amazing. I’m flipping love them!

My experiments.

So, after so much that’s been said, I can finally show you what I managed to create on my eyes with the help of the Venus palette by Lime Crime. I did them all ONLY with the eyeshadows from the palette. I’ll explain which colors I used.

Red smokey eyes: I used almost all the hues from the palette. In the middle of the lid I applied Shell in a wet technique.

Everyday make-up look in peachy shades: Shell on the lid, Divine in the crease, and Icon to blend and create the slight wash of colors in the inner corner of the eye.

Red liner: Aura is on the entire lid, the line was created with the Muse color and defined with Icon, I also used Rebirth as a transition color.

One more red line is done with Muse and Duraline by Inglot

You’ll get the brighter version of the everyday make-up, if you apply Muse in the crease.

One more day make-up with the eyeliner. The line was done with a wedged brush.

This is how the hues look on the eyes. People outside were stunned by the first make-up look Smile


I adore that palette! I love it! I love the quality of the hues, I start smiling when I hold the palette in my hands. I never regret buying it. I think that the Lime Crime’s idea with a modern Venus was so great!

I definitely recommend it! But, if the colors are too bright for you, you'd better not buy it, as the colors are really offbeat. But if you love everything bold and challenging, then the Venus palette must be the resident of your make-up bag.

Thanks a lot for reading my review! I hope that I was useful for you!

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Knifes In Your Eyes recommends Lime Crime Venus Grunge Eye Shadow Palette

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