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Written on Wednesday, February 20, 2019
Pros: color selection, design, long-wearing, soft, well-pigmented
Cons: price for the full size

Some years ago I have become a makeup junkie. I always dream of different makeup sets and bundles of different products and textures. Since I didn’t have anything from the Lime Crime brand before (even though I had a chance to test some from my friend), once I saw this bundle, I couldn’t walk away.

Especially during Christmas sales, and especially because of these 4 different mini packages, which are okay to throw away if I don’t like some of them.

As a great worshiper of everything purple and ash pink, I opted for the Best of Lip Holiday Set ~ Mauves

The set included:

- Velvetines Lip Liner in the shade Petunia

- Matte liquid lipstick Velvetines in the color Faded

- Wet Cherry lip gloss in the shade Berry Cherry

- Diamond Crusher lip topper in the color Unicorn Queen

The price for the full size of the lip pencil is $16.00.

If you’re interested in the set contents, the packaging, and the bundle itself, then you're welcome to read its description.

The bundle looks impressive. The box is big and bright. The small products are placed right here, so when I look at them inside, they don’t seem so tiny.

The bundle is rather heavy because of the thick cardboard.

Let’s open it…

Under the electric lights

The products sit stiffly in there. It was even a tad difficult to take them out.

Well, here they are Smile

My little heroes!

They are so cute!

The ingredients lists of the lip liner, as well as of all other products are given here at the back of the box. I didn’t study it but I’ll attach a photo for you, maybe some of you will find it informative.

The Petunia shade is described as “Orchid Blush” on the website.

It’s such an ash mauve or old purple color, I don’t know how to describe it right but it is gorgeous! I adore such shades.

Made in Germany.

Daytime lights:

Electric lights:


Due to the soft and even creamy to some extent texture, I have to sharpen the pencil after each use, if I need it to fill in my lips. It will go no longer than a few months as a lip liner.

Swatches under electric lights.

The lip liner is the first.

And daytime lights as well.

Let’s test it out:

- with a lip gloss Berry Cherry from the same bundle

- with a mini of the topper Jouer in the shade Enchanted


At first I wanted to pair this lip liner with the matte lipstick from the bundle. But then I saw that the colors were so different that it would be insane to do that. And then used the lip liner instead the lipstick.

The formula doesn’t dry my lips out and looks pretty good from afar. But in the macro shots you can see how tightened my lips are.


Rate: 4 stars.

This way, the product is able to stay for 6-7 hours. It fades delicately and lives through a meal well. But honestly, I haven’t ever seen a lip liner which doesn’t stay on well. This is their aim, I guess, to be long-wearing.

Let’s add some more color and boost shine! ~

The product doesn’t budge but I think that this is all due to the lip gloss formula. It’s a rather comfy option because I can detect the coverage on my lips, though not so much. In my book, these two look okay.


Rate: 5 stars.

I pat the gloss with a tissue. The gloss partly disappeared, though the lip liner is still there. If I rub my lips, it’ll vanish. In general, the coverage is really long-wearing.

Let’s add some aubergine dim shade!~

Well, this is an excellent evening option when I pair the lip liner with the topper. The shade is so deep and complicated, so to speak. And again, this pair is also really comfortable on my lips. By the way, the topper doesn’t dissolve the lip liner coverage either.


Rate: 5 stars.

And this look is for the most desperate ones. 2 layers of the topper.

I applied it just for fun because in life it’s very difficult to watch all that cake, so as not to smudge the coverage. I can’t say that it feels uncomfortable. It’s just all about my own quirks “Oh, Gosh, there are too many layers on my lips. They’ll all go budged in a second”. As for me, I can’t leave my home with such lips.


So, what do we have in the end?

Soft, well pigmented and long-wearing lip liner in a nicely designed packaging. It’s a pleasant thing which will serve as a lip liner and a lipstick (well, maybe even as an eyeshadow, if needed). But I wouldn’t buy it for the full price. And the thing is not in the thought that “Damn, there isn’t much of the formula indeed” but that the product isn’t unique.

I have some other lip liner in my stash which isn’t as soft as this one but it costs 4-6 times less! It isn’t worse longevity- or pigmentation-wise and they also offer a nice color selection. Well, maybe the design is worse, and the texture a little bit.

However, there are 2 mini products from the bundle, which I’m going to buy soon of full sizes.


And if I were to assess this lip liner with 10 stars, I’d give it 8.5.

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