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Written on Monday, September 25, 2017



The VOLUME MILLIONS LASHES FELINE Noir from L'Oreal is the focus of my anger today. I’ve been using it for two months and recently formed a view on it. The mascara had a lot of chances to show its best, but it was never able to become my favorite. Well, let's take a closer look at it.



Volume: 9.2 ml.


Country of origin: Italy.


Price: about $8.



MILLION VOLUME LASH. Unleash your fierce look! Its smooth application allows you to define each lash without overload for a million lashes.

The appearance is as attractive as that of the entire Volume Millions Lashes line. The emerald and gold paint faded treacherously over time, plus all the fingerprints are visible on the tube. But the mascara is not like face powder and lipstick, I mean I do not carry it in my cosmetic bag and don’t pull it out in public. So, I can forgive this little drawback.


At first, the stopper didn’t work at all, because the mascara was liquid and there was always the excess on the brush.


When twisting the cap, you can hear a click. This means that the mascara is really securely closed, which prevents it from drying out.


The silicone brush did not impress me at all. These short hyper-flexible bristles can not comb through even my not too thick eyelashes. No matter how hard I tried, painting everything at once was incredibly difficult.



The texture is creamy. In the photo below you can see the mascara after 2 months after purchase. It has already dried. Initially, the texture was liquid and the color seemed to be somewhat blacker and brighter.



The result: even the first coat looks sloppy.


The eyelashes look like a spider's legs: glued together, volume less, and bent in different directions. In order to make the result more or less tolerable, you have to spend not 2 minutes of your morning time, which is always limited, but sometimes 10 minutes or more. I don’t like all this tinkering with my makeup. The mascara gives no volume, length, only a complete disappointment. Well, let’s be thankful that at least it applies without clumps, but it’s nothing if you think about all the above mentioned drawbacks of the product.


The durability: The mascara lasts all day, it does not crumble or stain the eyelid and even survived an intensive workout. I was sweating but the mascara stayed put Smile


Makeup removal: it's difficult to remove, regardless of what kind of makeup remover I use. You have to rub the eyelids, which is bad for the gentle skin in that area

Let me sum up my impressions: the mascara has an inconvenient brush, plus it doesn’t give eyelashes enough separation and volume. Of course, the mascara has its advantages, but they pale in comparison with its shortcomings.


Thank you for reading my review!

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wait-a-bit doesn't recommend L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes Feline Noir Extra Black Mascara

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