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Written on Monday, March 5, 2018


I guess many of you use hair oils as they are really a magical wand and it’s rather difficult to over evaluate their properties. Smile


I first decided to buy a hair oil for me about 3 or 4 years ago. Since I had nothing to compare it with, I quickly grabbed the first one that I saw at the store. I can’t even remember what brand it was. Maybe Garnier or maybe some other drugstore brand. I can say the following, that oil was awful and it quickly discouraged me from using any hair oils at all for many years! Sometime later I started to use natural oils for my hair and, thank God, my bestie finally made me to buy proper hair oil one day!

At first I was using the classic oil by Kerastase brand, which I was more than happy with. I was so overwhelmed with the effect it showed on my hair that I usually used to apply more than needed, plus, I always offered everybody to try it out to show how great it was. And then I didn’t even noticed how quickly it was used up. That was the moment I became a little more greedy because if I had continued sharing it with other people, I would have ended up poor. Smile

I purchased it again but some time later. I’ll speak about it below. Smile

Coming to the store I didn’t find the Kerastase oil discounted and I couldn’t afford to buy it for the full price, so mentally agreed with myself to buy some other hair oil for a cheaper price. But then I remembered my poor experience with a cheap oil and here was the moment when the hesitation began.


As though reading my thoughts, a sales girl came up to me and started to tell me about their magical oil by L'Oreal Professionnel, which (according to her) was no way worse than the Kerastase product plus was much cheaper. I hesitated for a moment but then eventually took the bottle and bought it. The price was two times less than of the Kerastase oil, so I was more or less delighted at least with this factor.


By the way, there are several oils in the collection but somehow I made my choice for the Colour Glow Oil, as at that time I had ombre hair and I intentionally wanted an oil to take care of my color-treated hair. I somehow thought that if the oil is called “Colour” it would work better for my ombre. It’s probably true as the oil is usually applied only to the ends.

Coming home I started to look closer at the oil. I was immediately upset as I saw that there was a difference in consistency with the Kerastase oil. I even had a thought to go back to the store and speak with that sales girl but still decided to try the product out in action. And you know what? I fell for it!


I think that this oil is no way worse than the Kerastase oil in the effect it shows. I know that many people state that these are different and the effect is different as well. But I’ll say that our hair is different too and on mine the L’Oreal product works nice! Smile


My first bottle had 125 ml and it cost about $16, I don’t remember exactly. It looked like this and had a thick plastic packaging. All in all I liked its design.

L'Oréal bring you Mythic Oil Colour Glow Oil, a rich blend of nourishing oils that work to leave colour enhanced and hair soft and manageable.


All hair oils have one thing in common - they usually go a very long way and if you have short hair then I deem you can use the 125ml bottle for a year or maybe longer. But I have long and thick hair so there’s no way to use the product economically for me.

The oils isn’t thick, but it isn’t watery either. It has a silicone texture and it’s very pleasant to the touch. There’s no greasiness to it, unlike many other hair oils. For example if you use natural coconut oil, there’s always the risk of ending up with greasy hair. By the way, some oils bring the opposite effect and you can see that your hair became very dry and unmanageable.

I found out that natural oils work fine for me but only if used as a component of a hair mask. They don’t work well as finishing and styling products. For these purposes I use only L’Oreal or Kerastase oils.

About my hair:

It’s long and thick. For a long time I had it very long but about 6 months ago I cut it shorter and again made ombre.


I used the bottle of 125ml rather quickly, as I was constantly using the oil not only on the ends but also to my whole head to make it shine more and tame frizziness. And don’t forget that I was very generous at that time and used to give this oil to my friends to try. I can even remember a moment when I used to pour out some oil into different containers for people to try it out as I really believed that they would see its magical properties and would buy it for themselves later and not just use mine for free. Smile


All in all when the 125ml was used up, I headed to the store again and actually found the Kerastase oil discounted. But even discounted it cost more than the L’Oreal oil. I couldn't resist and bought a desired bottle.


But I can say that I couldn’t pass by the L’Oreal Mythic Oil either, as its new design just captured my mind.


The new bottle looks heavy and since it’s made of glass it looks more presentable than the previous plastic bottle. But pay attention that now they offer 100ml of oil. But I don’t bother.

In the bottle the oil looks like liquid gold and I want to save every drop of it. Now I don’t share it with anybody (they all have already tried it) but still the spending isn’t low. I use it every other day when I wash my hair.


By the way, the oil has a nice pump dispenser. It literally gives out only a drop and you’ll never overdo with it.

How to use

Press the pump once or several times to get the product to your palms. I usually divide my hair in two parts beforehand.

Then I rub the oil in my hands and start to touch it with my hair. At first I touch my hair at the ends and then with a leftovers I touch my hair at its length. So that I evenly apply the product without making my hair look overweight.


It’s not such a difference if you apply it to your wet or dry hair. I sometimes I apply it to the wet and then to the dry hair, if needed.

What effect it shows

This is a great hair oil that makes my hair visually shiny, less frizzy and I can feel that it becomes more pleasant to the touch. I can also see that the ends look better with this oil in, as though recently cut.


This oil will be a magical wand for you if you have super dry, rough or unmanageable hair ends. It’s such a constant occasion if your hair is color-treated. Especially if its highlighted.

This product is a little helper for me, as I have my hair highlighted at the ends which always look dry. But not with this oil. Smile


It feels as though the oil covers up every hair. I don’t even know how to describe it but I have an impression that the oil “wraps” my hair creating a protective film from negative effects of the environment and doesn’t let my hair get damaged.

The product is beautifully scented. My hair smells nice after I used this oil. I also fell in love with the shampoo and mask from the same collection by the brand.


All in all I can say that the L’Oreal Professionnel makes its customers delighted with their products as they treat us with great quality. I’ll carry on buying this product. And of course I highly recommend it, as I’m sure that you'll fall for it too! Smile

Thanks for your attention =)

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Roxy-sty recommends L’Oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil Color Glow

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