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Written on Tuesday, August 1, 2017
Pros: blur effect, convenient lock lid, deprives cakeyness, good spray-pump, keeps make-up on, perfect for wet technique, pleasant scent

I’m among those make-up artists who think and use all the essential make-up products (primer, foundation, powder and setting spray) by the same brand. That’s why once I found myself in the MAC corner buying this spray by MAC Fix +.

MAC FIX+ is a lightweight mist of water packed with vitamins and minerals, infused with a blend of green tea, chamomile and cucumber to gently soothe and refresh the skin. Gives an instant boost of hydration while delivering a soft sheen to refresh and finish makeup.


This product comes in a see-through plastic bottle with a black plastic top lid. The lid can be locked which is very handy while transporting.

There are two sizes of the product:

100 ml and a sized to go of 30 ml. I want to say it here that it’s a good bargain to buy the full-sized product.

Use: It’s very important to determine the skin condition you have when applying this product. You can think that all you life you’ve been living with your skin of combination type, but doesn’t mean that sometimes it gets a tad drier or vice versa. This product will help you to fight skin dryness, as well as hydrate it and prepare for ideal make-up application.

There are already legends about the options of use of this product but still I want to draw your attention to some of them, as well as comment upon and tell about the peculiarities:

1.This product, as it has already been stated above, is a perfect thing before make-up application. You can use it instead of primer.

What’s its secret? They say that spring water can add longevity to your make-up and make it look less cakey but smooth. But is it true? The answer is easy - yes, it is! First of all, if your skin lacks of moisture, or there’s flaking to it, then it starts to absorb the moisture from your foundation product. As a result you end up with much more flaking. The next advantage of this product is that it has cucumber and green tea extracts which are known to fight flaking and their calming properties. So this product will calm your skin down, decrease the amount of blemishes and irritation, which will definitely affect the following make-up application for the best.

2.Setting spray.

And again you can ask me a rather logical question - how can it set my make-up and put in place? And the answer will be again the simplest simple. The product sets your make-up thanks to the micro dispensed spray. The tiny bits of your make-up stick together and press into the tiniest clumps created by micro dispensing and fine-grain. Of course you should be aware that this product isn’t an actual setting spray, which can make your make-up live through rain, humidity or chlorinated water etc.

How to use:

Hold bottle 12 inches away from face and spray evenly.

Use alone or to finish makeup.

3. It’ll turn any eyeshadow product into the eyeliner.

The recipe is simple as usual:

  • At first you need to decide what eyeliner color you want to get to accomplish your look.


  • Choose the best matching eyeshadow product.
  • Take your the thinnest brush, or the one you usually do your eyeliner with. Spritz the brush with this spray or dip it with the product spritzed on your hand.

  • Take a cotton pad and wipe the residues away.
  • Take the chosen color of the eyeshadow with the sprayed brush. (Since I’m not aware what eyeshadow color you’re going to use, I highly recommend you to dip the brush at the very edge of the refill pan to continue using it then with a dry technique)
  • Then draw the cat flick eye with the brush.
    On the left I applied the eyeshadows dry way, on the right - with Fix+. Look at how thinner the line has become
    On the left I applied the eyeshadows dry way, on the right - with Fix+. Look at how thinner the line has become


I want to teach you one trick here.

The thing is that you can vary the intensity of color of your liner. The less you wipe your brush on the cotton pad, the more intense and bold eyeliner color you will get.

4. With the same technique you can apply the eyeshadows all over your mobile eyelid.

And as a result you will have the long-lasting make-up without using any eyeshadow primers. And of course your eyeshadow will look differently, than dry-applied. Give it a go, I’m sure that you’ll love the result!

It’s so easy to find 4 options of use of this product. And no doubt that you can invent yours. Everything is limited only by your fantasy.


MAC FIX + (100ml) - $24

MAC FIX + (30ml) - $12

Thanks for your attention to my review!

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