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Written on Friday, November 23, 2018

I think that everybody has already heard of the Make up Forever brand. And recently they released a new eyeshadow collection, which has become so hyped among beauty bloggers and advertised in beauty boxes. It’s notable that they give out only one and the same shade, which is I-544 Pink Granite.


The product retails with a refill packaging. No palettes or anything. Go professional, so to say.

Shade I-544 Pink Granite- Iridescent collection

General info and ingredients:

Expires within 6 months of opening. I still can’t get such a short shelf life of dry textures.

Made in Italy.

Weight: 0.8 oz (2.5g) and a mini is of 0.7g.


Price: $17. Sorry? How much? The Nabla palette, which is also made in Italy is better in quality and offers 12 refill pans of different colors, 1g each and costs $42. And to tell you the truth, 2.5g of the eyeshadow is too much. What should I use it for? All these facts already freak me out. I understand that the brand can retail at any price rate that they want, but still. Well, I’ll stop grumbling here.


As for the refill pan here, it’s placed inside a plastic pack, so as not to look too lonely.

This refill is to place into a magnet palette but since I don’t have it, I store it like this.

The color selection is so wide. So many colors and textures are available. That’s why it gets more and more difficult for me to understand why they offer only one shade through beauty boxes. Is it really the best one or something? Well, it doesn’t mean that I’m picky about it. No. The shade is awesome, it’s versatile and nice. Usually, they offer rather weird shades in boxes but here, it’s such a hit!

Shade I-544 Pink Granite: It’s a neutral beige-brown color with a pink undertone that is visible only under the artificial lights. This pink tone is so minimal here, I find it too odd mentioning it in the name.


Swatches: with my fingers over a primer, without a primer with a brush and with my finger.


Pigmentation: The product is a little bit sheer but I have to say that it packs well. In general, it’s great for such texture.

Texture: Really soft and gentle, not yet creamy, though still very close to it.

Blending: Fuss-free. Absolutely nice. To top it off, I don’t even have to set a primer for better blending. The product seems to be blending out itself. No stains or mud. You can blend it out for a smokey eyes makeup.

How to apply: I wear all my eyeshadows over a primer. By the way, this product seems to be literally jumping on a non-sticky base. And that was the moment when I understood what it reminded me of. Anastasia Soft Glam. That’s true. That palette has a Rose Pink shade, which is an absolute dupe of this one! But still, let’s come back to the price issues. 1g of Anastasia eyeshadows will still be more affordable than this one.


This is how my prepared eyelid looks like. A primer + powder in the crease:

This shade is fantastic to wear alone.

My makeup under artificial lights:

Under neutral lights:


You’ll have to apply it over a primer, or it’ll crease and fade away. It won’t be so visible but it’ll be there. If your primer is good, then there won’t be any problems with the hold till the moment you take your makeup off.

Dusting. Such textures are dusty. It’s their feature. It can fall out from a brush during application but the blending is still okay.


Spending: It’s average. It doesn’t mean that I use the product at lightning speed but for this refill, it’ll be possible to be used up within 6 months! But let’s be honest, you’ll do that only if you wear this very shade every day.

Removing: Micellar water does the job easy-breezy.


Brief review:


★ awesome texture, which is gliding over the skin

★ dope shade and also a wide color selection in the line

★ the texture almost doesn’t fall out when I apply it

★ a perfect hold over a primer

★ this shade can be worn solo

★ versatile


★ the product requires a primer for the better staying power


★ the price bothers me a lot. It’s more expensive than ANH eyeshadows


Well, I don’t know. I can speak about only this shade in terms of characteristics and it’s wonderful. The formula is good and I have something to compare it with. But is it worth splurging only for 1 refill? As for me, it’s not. I hope that the brand will have nothing against me but there are many other eyeshadows in the market which are cheaper and the price for 2 refill pans of MUFE is almost equal to the price of the entire palettes from Nabla or ABH. And remember that palettes offer more shades and textures. It’s boring to use one and the same shade every day.

But if you don’t like bothering or you need just a good nude makeup, then this refill is a good choice for you.

3 stars for pricing and big size and 5 stars for the quality. In total, 4 stars and my recommendation. But you’ll have to decide yourself, whether you need it or not.

Thanks for your attention!

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