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Written on Tuesday, September 4, 2018
Pros: delicate pink shade, no shimmer
Cons: i had to buy a palette as well, no brush attachment, one can easily find a dupe cheaper, the layer with the powder isn't thick, the palette is bigger than needed

For quite a long time I couldn’t find the right blusher for me since my Holy Grail Hervana from Benefit discontinued. I know that it suits me most of all. There isn't any cheap shimmer to it and the product isn't too pigmented either, so it was impossible to apply too much.


I visited an online beauty store and found this blush for $23. But later, when I was finally ready to purchase it, the product was out of stock. So, I had to keep on looking for that heavenly pink toned blusher.



Then I visited a store. The price for some items there was out of this world and of course, almost every blush was infused with that cheap shimmer. So, the sales girl accompanied me to the Makeup For Ever stand. There we managed to find two more or less appropriate blusher shades for me. I picked up the one which was brighter. This is the shade B 208. The price was $23, though it retailed only with a metal refill casing, no palette.


So now I want to draw your attention to the + and - of this blush.


Let’s start with “+”


- it somehow really looks like my Holy Grail blush from Benefit.


- it is difficult to overdo. The color is so delicate that you’ll never look like an easy girl with it.


- the palette has a mirror inside (but it retails separately, that’s a “-”).

And that’s it.


Now “-”

- the blush comes with a metal casing which brings a deceitful impression that there’s a lot of the product inside. In fact, it’s applied only on the surface. Have a look at the thickness of the layer yourself.

- the product isn’t tightly pressed. The pigment always flies out in all directions when I pick it up with a brush.

- the palette doesn’t provide any brush. You'll have to buy it separately.

- the palette costs money. It’s just difficult feature of many makeup brands. They make us pay for the palette as well. By the way, the palette is half-empty, I guess it’s for making us come back to the store and fill it in with other products as well.


My verdict:

The blush isn’t bad shade-wise. But in all other respects, especially use-wise, I give it a minus here.


I understand that it’s all marketing play here… All those palettes and empty spaces, but it’s far more pleasant to buy a fully-packed product, right? It looks more expensive and full, after all.

I won’t ever repurchase this blush. I’d better visit the Inglot store and buy their blush for a more affordable money.

If I were to compare my trusty blush from Benefit with this Makeup For Ever product, well they have nothing in common. My favorite blush is packed and fully compact, it has a provided brush and the layer with the powder is way thicker.

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