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Written on Wednesday, March 28, 2018
Pros: all satin shades are really good, amazing shades, an abundance of shades, low price, mirror included, nice textures
Cons: dark shades blend out messy, dusty, fall out

Hey beauties!

I have a soft spot for eyeshadows. They always make me get creative. An eyeshadow is like paints but for my face.

If I had to choose between mono shadows and a palette, I’d pick up the latter for the only exception if I couldn’t find a particular shade in any palette.

I’ve already tried the Makeup Revolution Unicorn Love Palette and had no issues with it as opposed to this one. But first things first.

Price: $15

The palette comes in a pretty paper package. It’s glossy and rose gold.

It overflows beautifully and fits really well in my hand. It feels like I hold a good and thoroughly elaborated product.

On the back we can see all the shades that await us in there, which is really nice, because you don’t have to open it up to know if the color range suits you or not.

However, I have some issues about it. It doesn’t really showcase the real colors. Yep, I know it’s hard to do it, but at least you can try to do your best to depict them more naturally and closer to reality.

Also, you can see which shades are matte and which are shimmer (with mistakes), plus their ingredients:


It was quite challenging to open up the package and I didn’t know why at that moment. It turned out that the palette was covered in an extra protective wrap.

I guess it was added to protect the glossy palette from scratches.

The plastic is thick and nice to the touch.

The fingerprints do stay on the surface, but they are easy to remove.

The palette consists of 32 tones, which is a lot!

Volume: 16 g. Each refill weighs 0.5 g. The refills are smaller than, for ex., those of Sleek.

Opening it up, we see a huge mirror that doesn’t actually fix properly. You can use it 90 degrees, but you should hold the mirror lid steady then, which is quite a hassle for me.

However, it’s noteworthy that the mirror is of amazing quality. So, you can makeup a full face and not only eye makeup with ease.

Also, it has a separating film with the numbers and names of the shades.

I was sold on the color selection. The palette has plenty of shades beginning from neutrals and versatile ones to silver, golden, bronze, red, green and black hues. No, it doesn’t have purple or blue colors, but it’s still versatile.

Here, the shades look really close to those in a palette:

The bad news is that the quality is not good. The colors pop amazingly in the swatches, but when I use a brush, it’s such a disappointment.

The pigmentation of the mattes on a base is mediocre. However, it all depends on the shade. The darker ones are more pigmented. The shimmers are rather well- or even highly-pigmented, BUT only when applied to the eyeshadow base! The pigmentation without a base is not that great. The shadows hardly pop or require multiple coats then.

The dark shades are incredibly dusty!

You should always tap the brush before applying, otherwise half of the pigment will be under your eyes.

The shimmering and metal-like shades apply to my movable eyelid in tapping movements best.

The light mattes are insanely blendable and may be used as transition shades for darker ones. You should apply the dark colors gradually to avoid stains.

The staying power with a base: till makeup removal. By the way, I don’t use eyeshadows without a base at all.

This eyeshadow desperately requires a base. Otherwise it’s impossible to apply it with a brush. Specifically for this review, I’ve decided to apply it both ways: with my fingers (without a base) and with brushes (with and without a base.)

Now to the swatches of each row. Plus, the details of each shade.


The first row.

The swatches with my fingers:

The swatches with a brush:

1. Paper is a matte banana shade. It works well applied under my brows for further blending. It helps soften the color transition and remove blunders.

It’s a very helpful shade for me. It’s not workable when used alone and it is actually not meant for this. It seems that I’ll use it up first.

2. Soft Glow is a satin champagne tone. It’s an amazing and versatile highlighter shade that gives a delicate glow.

3. Buff is a metal-like rose gold that will be good for the movable eyelid and the inner corners of eyes. This shade is also workable and multifunctional.

4. Highlite becomes a bright white-silver shade visible from space when applying. But it has a pink undertone that is sometimes quite noticeable. I prefer using it as the previous shade.

5. Angel is a gentle golden shimmer that can have a hint of metal. It looks stunning on the movable eyelid.

6. Unlimited is a neutral light-brown shimmer shade that is good for emphasizing the crease in a glossy makeup. More than that, it’s awesome for the movable eyelid.

7. Brew is a shimmer bronze that looks beautiful on the movable eyelid, in the crease and as an extra accent for the outer corner of the eye. It can be used solo also.

8. Silver smoke is silver and reminds me of ash. It looks incredible on my movable eyelid.


The second row.

The swatches with my fingers:

The swatches with a brush:

9. Almost there is a warm matte milk chocolate that is nice for a crease, lower eyelid and as a blending shade.

10. Uncover is satin soft-pink that looks really beautiful both when used alone and in the outer corners of the eyes. It’s a beautiful basic shade.

11. Barely pink is pink and quite bright yet not flashy. It looks best on my movable eyelid.

12. Lowlite is a neutral metal brown that is good for the lower eyelid and making the crease deeper.

13. Golden Night is metal gold-brown. Again, it looks best on my movable eyelid. However, it’s very beautiful when used alone also.

14. Gold Digger is a metal copper-golden color.

15. Cheerless is a shimmering deep purple-plum that is good for my crease. Moreover, it can be used on the movable eyelid for smokey eyes. You should use it carefully, because if you are not that experienced in this area, the application might be messy. Apply this shadow in tapping motions to your movable eyelid.

16. Blue Stars is a matte black-blue shade with much blue shimmer particles to it.

It’s pretty, but has to be applied like the previous one. The shimmering particles disappear almost completely after blending.


The third row.

17. Smudge is a multitasking brown that will look good in the crease and for creating a nice eye form. It coats and blends out very well. You can use it alone to create an eye form.

18. Shimmer Heart is metal orange-pink with blue shimmer to it. I love applying it to my movable eyelid and to the inner corners of my eyes.

19. Universal is a shimmering cold copper. It’s pretty and can be used as you wish.

20. Copper Shimmer is a metal red-bronze that can be used both alone and as an accent to the outer corners of eyes.

21. Medal is a classy metal bronze. It’s also quite a versatile shade.

22. Darkest Shimmer is a metal dark-red-brown. It is perfect for my crease, smokey eyes look and for the lower movable eyelid. It pairs really well with the shades 19-21.

23. Tarnish is dark chocolate that is awesome for deepening the crease and emphasizing the lower eyelid.

24. Black Tie is a splendid matte black with glitter. However, it’s a pain in the butt to make the color pop on my eyes. It’s good for smokey eyes, but you should better not use it as a blending shade, as glitter disappears and only an obscure base color stays.


The last row.

25. Pure Chocolate is real chocolate. It’s very deep and absolutely stunning. It’s best used for darkening the crease and for the lower eyelid.

26. Raw is matte and cold light-brown. The name speaks for itself. It’s perfect to start your makeup. You can use it for your crease, lower eyelid and to create an eye shape. Besides, it’s good for blending. It’s hard to make any blunders with this shade. I love such colors.

Use this shade at the beginning of your makeup and you’ll avoid any flaws.

27. Red Night is a shimmering red-brown that can be used as an accent in your makeup.

28. Molton Chocolate is brown metallic with bronze shimmer. It’s amazing and suitable for creating some deepness in makeup.

29. Burgandy Nights is dark wine that is perfect for darkening the shade No. 27. More than that, you can use it for your crease and as an accent.

30. GreenStars is an incredible and deep green that matches many girls. However, don’t ever blend it out. Apply it only in tapping motions, otherwise you'll get stains and no payoff at all.

31. Cafe noir is a cold, matte taupe with some golden speckles that is good for darkening your crease.

32. Night is an excellent, matte black shade that is actually really hard to work with. It’s easy to stain it. It’s perfect for smokey eyes and for extra darkening.

All in all, this eyeshadow palette is quite workable, but it all depends on you. To be honest, the quality is obviously worse than that of Sleek. Yes, Sleek has less shades, but the price is almost equal.

Here we get many similar shades that you can easily do without.

Well, right, you can get the hang of everything, but this eyeshadow still requires some EXPERIENCE in makeup game. You should know how to pick up the shade and how to apply it properly. Plus, don’t forget to use an eyeshadow base and transition colors to avoid stains.


My makeup looks.

#1. Daytime makeup:

  • The shade #1 is used under my brows and for blending.

  • The shade #17 is used here for creating an eye shape.

  • The shade #11 I used for ⅔ of my movable eyelid beginning from the inner corners of my eyes.

  • The shade #27 is applied as an accent to the outer corners of my eyes.

  • The shade #27 is applied here to my crease and for darkening the lower lash line.

  • Plus, mascara and eyeliner.

#2. Shimmering daytime makeup.

  • #10 under my brows.

  • #9 in my crease and on my lower eyelid. I get a nice effect when blending with a shimmer shade.

  • #12 to ⅔ of my movable eyelid without touching the inner corners of my eyes.

  • #4 to the inner corners of my eyes, plus #5 as a transition shade.

  • #15 for darkening my crease and for the lower lash line.

  • Plus, eyeliner and mascara.

#3. A muted evening makeup.

  • #1 under my brows

  • #26 to create an eye form

  • #8 to my movable eyelid in tapping motions

  • #16 to my crease and my lower eyelid

  • eyeliner

  • mascara

#4. Gentle and romantic makeup.

  • #2 under my brows

  • #26 to my crease

  • #18 to ⅔ of my movable eyelid and inner corners of my eyes

  • #19 to the outer corners of my eyes

  • #29 to my crease, outer corners and to my lower eyelid

  • eyeliner and mascara

#5. Red smokey eyes.

  • #1 under my brows

  • #27 to create an eye shape

  • Then an eyeshadow base again before applying #24 in tapping motions.

  • Mixed together #29 + #32 and applied them to my crease and to my lower eyelid.

  • #4 to my inner corners and used a black eyeliner for my waterline

  • lines + mascara

The summary:

+ low price

+ beautiful shades

+ you can get an awesome result provided you use the palette properly

+ a good deal of eye makeups possible

+ most of the shades blend out well

+ blend out with a base really well


- dark shades may leave stains

- you should tap the brush before applying the shade

- shimmer shades are dusty and leave behind a lot of fallout

- not workable without a base

Recommend? It’s alright if you are no newbie in makeup and if you don’t feel like cutting corners. This palette is quite workable for me, although I’m a little bit underwhelmed by its quality.

Also, it’ll be easy to work with this palette if you are not ready to rock complicated makeups and prefer using one or two shades at most.

Thanks for your attention!

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