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Written on Monday, June 4, 2018

Hi there!

There is a good deal of eyebrow products available right now. But eyebrow mascaras and gels with a common brush are no longer exciting even for the brands themselves.

So, Maybelline created a really nice product with an exceptional brush wand.

Well, first things first.


It’s nothing special. The product comes in a common rectangular tube.


After reading some reviews, I couldn’t get why everyone was so picky about this brush wand. Yep, it’s extraordinary. Yep, it seems to be inconvenient. But it does its job startlingly well!

It grooms my eyebrows upwards without fuss and styles them in the direction of hair growth so easily.

In the pictures you can see that I don’t have bushy brows, but I love how it works for me. So, it doesn’t only suit thick brows, but thin as well.

However, it may be different if your brow shape is not good. I mean that it doesn’t suit your face shape, then the brush will probably be difficult to work with.

So, I don’t have any gripes about it.

AMOUNT of the product it picks up:

The brush picks up the right amount of the product. However, it may be alright just for me Smile


My hair has got lighter recently, so I opted for the Dark Blonde.

The color is nice and quite neutral. It doesn’t have any hint of gray or orange.

The brush has also ulta-fine golden particles, which means that you can lighten your hairs a little bit if you are blonde but have dark brows.

The TEXTURE is lightweight. It doesn’t weigh my hairs down. It has FIBERS, i.e. small hair-like particles that boost volume and stick to the brows.

I already had the Benefit Gimme Brow that worked the same way, but it cost way more than this gel.

VOLUME: 8 ml

PRICE: $9.99

It is highly pigmented, so it can be used as a standalone brow product.

But I also love using it along with a brow powder or eyeshadow.

Only eyebrow gel on my brows:

Here I also added the 6th shade from the Maybelline The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette:

Only eyeshadow on my brows
Only eyeshadow on my brows
Eyeshadow + eyebrow gel
Eyeshadow + eyebrow gel

Let’s compare the two options ;)


Now I’ll run down on its main peculiarities:

  • This eyebrow mascara has an exceptional and very handy brush wand that is reminiscent of a cockroach Smile

  • The product is highly pigmented and fills out the sparse areas very well

  • Has light-reflecting particles and fibres in the formula

  • Styles and fixes my hairs perfectly

  • Ensures an amazing wear time

  • A wide color range with natural-looking shades

Overall, I’m really glad that I purchased this eyebrow gel and will definitely recommend it to everyone.

Thanks for reading. Love being helpful Smile



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SuvorikBeauty recommends Maybelline Brow Precise Fiber Volumizing Mascara

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