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Written on Thursday, May 11, 2017

Hello everybody!

Since last year I was longing to have MAYBELLINE Brow precise fiber volumizing mascara. I had no problems finding it - in the USA you can buy it in any shop. There was something which stopped me from buying it - I remembered my last experience with Brow Drama and its disgusting brush instead of normal applicator. Later I watched a video on YouTube, where girls were telling how great this mascara was, and how it gave definition to the brows in one touch, so I started longing to have it again.

The price - 9$

Net Wh - 8 ml

The packaging is quite typical for mass market products. It was sealed in individual plastic-carton packaging with all necessary information on it: ingredients, application etc.

Inside there was a small tube which looked exactly as Brow Drama should with a small difference in top and sticker. It was silver, not black.

But the most interesting part was waiting inside - an applicator in the shape of a spoon or leaf. Basically, it was something difficult to make out. It’ll be suitable only for good “hairy” brows.The advert says:

“fill your brows with 3D wow effect fibre volumizer”

The product really has fibre inside, you can see them in the photo. It's sticking out from the brush in different directions.

In the advertising everything is very beautiful. From bald ones, the brows turn into naturally looking good ones with a few movements. The girls on YouTube sigh thoughtfully and roll their eyes, melting from the product’s characteristics…

That’s why I hate reviews on YouTube, because on camera and from a distance everything looks perfect. Not many people bother themselves with macro to show the product in action. With written blogs there is also a problem, they just take a picture of a product, make a swatch - and that’s all, the review is done.

So this is what I actually received in reality:

1 The mascara itself is of a gel consistency. Intense dark brown color, which doesn’t look red. And… the tiniest shimmer inside!!! At the first sight you may not even notice it. When I used a product for the first time I thought that my eyeshadows got in the brows but no, it was Maybelline mascara shining.

The product has a slight chemical scent but it doesn’t cause repulsion. There are fibres in it, and there are many of them.

2. Applicator. This is another story to tell. I thought that after the Brow Drama brush there wouldn’t be anything worse. But I was wrong! I don’t know what they smoke when giving out such innovations to us, but I claim that A USUAL BRUSH WITH SHORT BRISTLES WORKS 100 TIMES BETTER AND MORE NEATLY!!!

The manufacturer advises to apply mascara on the base of the brow with short quick movements and then style the brows and also use a brow pencil for definition then fill the brows in with brow shadows and fix it with water. My question is, why the hell do I need to use your mascara then?

What I actually received. At the tip of an applicator there is a huge amount of product. The bristles are very hard, the mascara doesn’t come off easily. So applying a product there is a risk of putting a mark where you don’t need it. You’ll have to spread it away quickly. Otherwise the mascara will dry very quickly, and every new layer will break the old dried one, and drag it to itself and, well, here they are, say hello to clumps. And of course, if you put too much on, you can stick all the brows together, and it will look as though it’s covered with gelatin.

What is more, this mascara can leave dirty spots everywhere. After using this product you’ll need a cotton puff to wipe everything carefully, trying not to smash such a difficult-applied layer of mascara.

3. How the product stays on brows. Here I can give it 5 stars, after drying, the mascara fixes the brows perfectly. It doesn’t fade, doesn’t crumble, the color doesn’t wink out. It removes easily with any cleansing product, even water, I could say.

In general I can say that this product won’t be my must have, and I will not buy it again. Is this product a perfect solution for girls with thin brows which helps to get a natural effect with a couple of movements? No. Can you get a beautiful brow shape with it? Again no. Each time, I have to use brow shadows to fill in my brows, to define them and not to look broken.

Brows before

Brows with a mascara and brow shadows.

Total look.

I think that the idea of the product is rather good. If it had a better applicator, it might have become a best-seller. But in reality Maybelline again destroyed a great product with their innovative tapered spoon brush. Will I recommend this product for buying? No and No again. For myself I’ve already bought a Gimme Brow mascara from Benefit to replace it.

Thanks for your attention!

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