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Written on Wednesday, January 17, 2018
Pros: covers up imperfections under eyes, doesn't dry out skin, doesn't emphasize peeling, long-lasting, nice texture, suitable for fair skin
Cons: the writing comes off too quickly

Maybelline is one of the brands that launches new products with amazing regularity. Recently they produced the range of concealers in a few shades to cover up these or that imperfections.

For instance, green is meant for concealing redness, pink is good for covering up dark circles under your eyes and for a glowing effect and yellow is designed for disgusting dark circles.

At that time I actually needed a decent concealer for my under eyes area. After reading a few reviews, I understood that the yellow option would suit me better than pink and so I purchased it Smile

♥●• Maybelline Master Camo Color Correcting Pen, Yellow ♥●•



  • Six color correcting pens designed to fix targeted skin tone issues

  • Shades for all skin tones

  • Powerful pure color pigments for full coverage

  • Features precise blender tip for effortless application and blending

Yellow: Brighten dullness for light to medium skin tones.


The concealer is made in the form of a stick. The packaging has the corresponding color, which is yellow in my case. The cap is transparent.

The applicator sponge is very soft and a little bit bent. It’s quite big compared to other similar products. By the way, concealers with a brush are more common and here we see a sponge… However, it turned out to be very convenient to use.

Suggested use:

Step 1. Upon first use, twist the bottom of the pen 10-15 times or until the product is visible on the sponge. Step 2. Next, apply by tapping the cushioned tip applicator onto the target area and gently blend. Step 3. Finish with concealer or foundation on top.

I had to twist the bottom that long only upon the first use. The first 15 twist-ups were in vain, the product wouldn’t come. When I almost ‘died’ by twisting it, the concealer FINALLY appeared in a form of a yellow drop. The good news is that the drop remained on the sponge, although it actually wanted to flow.

Right off the bat, there were no problems with the applicator further on. It’s enough to twist the bottom 2 times clockwise and the product comes out.

Now I’d like to talk about the packaging again. As I’ve already mentioned it’s yellow and has black letters, which are the brand, the name of the product and some other information. Well, these letters are obviously written with a cheap black marker pen! Or how would you explain that the letters came off in just a few weeks!?

I’ll hide the illustrative pictures in a quotation as to not spoil my review.

In the beginning I couldn’t get why I had black hands. It wasn’t my mascara, so what was it then? After a while I knew what it was when I looked at the letters on my concealer that were faint and the packaging was staining all over. What is interesting, the writing fades away so effortlessly. Well, the product is not for aesthetes for sure…

Now let’s move onto the main characteristics.


The texture is really yellow, but it’s not warm. It has a cold undertone. So, the concealer is recommended for light skin for a reason then.

It’s absolutely fragrance-free. Only the sponge smells of something probably. The thing is that when I sniff at the product applied to my hand, I don’t feel anything at all. When I sniff the product on the applicator sponge, I can feel some slight and chemical smell.

This concealer seems to me quite lightweight and neither too liquid, nor greasy.

The consistency is smooth and even.

  • USE and RESULTS.

After reading some reviews that said the concealer was too yellow and quite noticeable on skin, I worried about it a little before purchasing. Nevertheless, I relied on the positive feedback that assured me that the product performed really well without making the skin tone yellow and that it was undetectable on skin.

My under eye skin is not a problem. I have some blue circles and fine lines. Puffy eyes and under eye bags are not really frequent for me and occur only due to the lack of sleep.

After moisturizing my skin with a cream and letting it absorb properly, I apply this concealer with dots. The main thing is to dab a good deal of them and cover the whole under eye area.

After that I distribute it with slight tapping motions. The texture is very soft and nice. It spreads out with ease without creasing. One more good thing is that the concealer doesn’t absorb instantaneously.

For example, I applied the concealer, snapped the photo of it at least 10 times and only then started distributing the product with my fingers. By the way, you can use a sponge or a brush for this purpose, but as far as I’m concerned, I prefer my fingers. The consistency was the same; damp, manageable and not dry.

Here is the result:

Before and after
Before and after

I don't think that any yellow hint is visible. The product concealed blue circles and some redness. My skin became even and somewhat whiter.

It applied evenly, but set into my fine lines just a tiny bit. However, honestly, I’ve noticed it only by looking at the close-up. I didn’t see anything in real life.

I fixed the results with a powder to even out my skin tone.

I love the outcome. The concealer disguised everything I wanted without emphasizing any peeling. Yes, it did set into my fine lines just a little, but it’s not an issue.


The product turned out to be long-lasting. Yes, I fix it with a thin film of a powder, but the staying power depends on the product too. It stays put all day without fading, creasing or transferring.

The product is comfortable to wear and I hardly feel it on my skin. It doesn’t dry out my skin, but you should moisturize it beforehand anyway to avoid any dryness.

It neither oxidizes nor changes its color during the day. It looks the same as at the beginning of the day (at least a working day). We all know these products that fade away and get yellow over time…


The product is decent and good for disguising insignificant imperfections under my eyes. However, I think that it will help against strong dark circles too, why not? The texture is even and covers up well. Moreover, it doesn’t emphasize dry patches, but mind moisturizing the area still.

I guess the only con of this product is its packaging. It’s so bad. The writing comes off so quickly and not even after at least 6 months or a year of constant use… Ok then.

The quality content makes it up anyway Smile

Rating: 5 with a minus


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