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Written on Monday, March 5, 2018

Hey! Smile

Today I’m writing a review of the Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick by Maybelline. Actually I was going to write another review of another product but I couldn’t help but share with you my opinion of these beautiful and longwearing lipsticks.

I wasn’t expecting much from these lippies by Maybelline, you know. “Super Stay” - yes, I almost did believe it. But visiting a beauty store I saw that they had these lipsticks discounted so I immediately grabbed 2 purple shades. But they both looked so streaky on the swatch and on the lips as well, or even worse. Then I swatched the vinous color and I just fell for it. Of course I bought that lipstick and was waiting a long time for the sun to come out so that I could take good pictures of it. (Why was I waiting so much? Usually it’s always only with a bullet lipstick that should be taken pictures of when it’s new but when it comes to liquid lipstick you can even shoot it when it’s used up. Anyway) And after all, when I tested out this lipstick I immediately wanted to buy some other color too.


Price: $7.54 the first one and $9.49 the second lipstick.

These are the prices for a 5ml tube.

The color selection is very wide.


The design is interesting. All the tubes are color-coded with the contents inside. However, I can say that the color of the plastic isn’t 100% the same as the color of the lippie itself.

The tube was sealed with a small sticker which was rather easy to take off and open the product. It’s notable that you can do it several times in a row. At the store the lipsticks were additionally sealed with a transparent tape.

The product has a very pleasant sweety scent. I don’t feel it on my lips, though. There’s no taste at all.

The applicator is more or less convenient to use. The comfort totally depends on the formula and consistency of the lipstick. I can say that it isn't my favorite applicator shape but still with time I managed to tame it.

Lasting power

To my surprise the lipsticks turned out to be very long-wearing!!! You can wear them during the whole day, eat, drink, talk and they’ll still be in place and won’t wander. The maximum that you might need to do would be to touch up in the inside of the lips.

Comfort in wear

I’ve already mentioned that I can’t be objective when it comes to the comfort of lipstick wearing, as I’m got used to wearing matte liquid lipsticks. But as for these very lipsticks I can state the following - I feel fine wearing them the entire day and I don’t even have to revive my lips after that.

And now I want to show you the shades of the lipsticks. I won’t swatch them on my hand, sorry, as after I swatched them at the store, there was a stain they left behind that I couldn’t wash off for 3 days.


This color might be a little bit patchy, so be sure to use good light to see where to pack the product once again.

This color is so staying that you can even apply some transparent lip gloss and it won’t smudge or feather.

I applied some petroleum jelly over the lipstick, as I don’t have any transparent lip gloss without shimmer. Girls, can you imagine? Petrolium jelly and nothing smudges!


The colors differ in consistency very much and you’ll see it yourself once you apply them.

I can’t apply this color without patches. If I try to hide the patches and pack the product then the result looks like in the last picture in the middle of my upper lip (you can see that there are some areas where there’s too much product).

One more thing, the product creases and clumps almost immediately at the corners of the mouth. And the thicker the layer is, the more clumps I have. And since the product is super staying, it’ll be a challenge to remove it or touch up.

This is the result you’ll get if you apply a thin coat and it’s literally impossible to correct.

Both lipsticks have the same drawback. They are too sticky. I mean it isn’t that stickiness when dust or your hair get into lipsticks, no. The thing is that my lips get stuck together. And they keep on getting stuck the entire time I wear the lipsticks.

Oddly enough the lipsticks are transfer-proof and they don’t stain skin or mugs or anything.

The removing process is difficult. Here you will either have to use double-phase makeup removers (and rub-rub-rub) or use any greasy lip balm (petroleuim jelly again) and wipe the products off with a tissue. You can also use some micellar water but it’ll take a lot more time. Currently I don’t have any cleansing oils at my disposal so I don’t even know if it can remove this product or not.

The staying power of these babes is killing me. Smile You see, it’s so easy with regular lipstick. You can wiggle the contours but you’ll correct it very quickly and keep on doing your makeup. But with these products things go different. Be sure that you always have enough time to wash off the lipstick fully and then reapply evenly as needed. (always have at least a spare 20 minutes at your disposal)

All in all I really liked the vinous lipstick because of its lasting power. And I do recommend it for purchasing (of course if you like such colors and you have at least some basic skills for lipstick application). I assess this very color with 5 stars. But the coral color isn’t good enough. So only 3 stars to it for the mentioned disadvantages.

P.S I hope that some time later the coral shade will become better (It once happened with one of my lipsticks. After a year it has really become better consistency-wise). If the same will happen with this product, I’ll add it here in this review as well.

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