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Written on Wednesday, June 14, 2017
Pros: convenient to take with, even coverage, high spf

Hello all the beauty-lovers!

I’ve found a really interesting product to write a review of. Before buying The Magic Cushion Moisture by my favorite Missha brand, I read a lot of reviews on the Internet and finally bought it.

Cushion products originate from South Korea.

We've already got used to CC and BB creams, but there was also a DD cream, which passed by unnoticed and didn’t catch the attention of the masses. But as for cushions, there are a lot of talks around whether they are good or bad. Some people became very interested in a new product, while others considered it to be the “house for bacteria.”

How does the cushion look like? In a word, it’s a “beauty in a box”. It’s a compact-sized foundation in a sponge. And that sponge is filled with the foundation product.

Besides its interesting design, cushion is also a discovery of 2016. It has a lot of advantages and brings aesthetic delight.

So, let’s get started with the product promises, characteristics, and then, I’ll tell you about the way it stays on the skin, who will it suit for, and a lot of other interesting things you want to know about.

Product promises:

For me they sound great and captivating.

Cushion compact with outstanding, long-lasting coverage hides flaws with minimal darkening (as a result of oxidation)Wrinkle Care, Brightening, UVA & UVB Protection




It’s amazing and floral, which makes your perfume still heard.


The foundation itself is of average consistency. It’s thick and not oily at all. It reminds me of some fluid.


The product can be applied with a thin layer, if you don’t have any skin problems. If do, you can apply two layers or layer it only in the areas where you need more coverage. The product won’t conceal visible imperfections. But the product didn’t promise to hide visible blemishes either.

Application. The foundation is better to apply with the included puff. Then you’ll get the even and thin layer coverage.


I bought it in the 23 color, it’s not yellow, which is the most important thing for me.


Dewy and Glowy

Sun Protection:



15 g

About my skin:

Potentially problematic, I mean, any time there’s a risk that I’ll have another couple of pimples and in general, my skin condition can become worse. In 2013 I had a massive acne outbreak, and still I can’t find a good cosmetician to treat my problem, so I just have to try to conceal it as much as I can.

You all probably do have a lot of questions about this product. I understand that you’re confused and don’t know what results to expect, if the product is economical, that it may be a house for bacteria and how to use it right.

So, with a great pleasure I use this product and I’m absolutely happy about my purchase. All the foundations which make my skin look better automatically become my must haves, if it happens that they also have the skin care ingredients, then... wow, it’s love forever.

So, I want to bust myths about the cushion:

It’s not economical. From the first look it really seems uneconomical, because no one knows how much of the product there’s inside. And I want to tell you that there’s a lot of it. Once you dab on the sponge it gives out the right amount of the product, so it’s impossible to take out more than you’ll need and waste the product.

It’s inconvenient to use. It’s not! It’s very convenient to put it in a handbag and take it out any moment you’ll need to touch-up! There’s also a good mirror in it.

Sponge is a “house for bacteria”. My dear friends, no one would ever ask you to touch it with your fingers (especially dirty ones). To take the product out there’s a wonderful special puff there, which you can easily take and apply the product with. If it’s more convenient for you to apply it with fingertips, then, yes, please, do it. I did it hundred of times and nothing happened as you can see, I didn’t become covered with pimples. The only thing, you’d better do, is to wash your hands before applying the product. And you’ll get no more of the bacteria than from the pressed powder.


  • Compact and easy to use product. You can take it with you and touch up any moment you want to. There’s a mirror and the puff inside.
  • There are some skin care ingredients, such as flower oils, for example. Once you applied the product you’ll immediately see how beautiful and even your skin tone has become. The skin starts to glow with health.
  • Moisture. I appreciate nourishing and moisture, especially in autumn and winter, as usually at that time of the year my skin is weather-bitten and there’s flaking. With this product used, you can forget about such problems, thanks to oils, again.
  • High sun protection SPF 50. For me, protection from the sun is important, since most of the time I'm on the south side, where even the April sun will burn like fire. Also, it is an excellent protection against photo-aging! The producers are good guys, did it well and weren’t mean with the filters. Wink
  • It’s very easy to get a natural and lightweight coverage with this product in one layer. To correct any blemishes, apply two.
  • Dewy and glowy finish. The fresh and beautiful face look is guaranteed with this product.


This product won’t be good for oily skin, alas. The consistency of the product is oil enriched, so oily skin won’t like it.

Though, there are a lot of manufacturers who say that such cushions are suitable for all skin types.

So, my meeting with a Korean product was great. You might have noticed that the product evens the skin tone beautifully, giving it healthy glow. It’s quite difficult to get a quite “taken a rest” look, as I sleep only 3-4 hours a day. There are some skin care ingredients, so really, my skin feels soft and moisturized.

Who will it suit for? The girls with normal and combination skin type, who expect moisture, care and even skin tone from a foundation product.

Thank you for being with me!

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Tiana Ashb recommends Missha M Magic 15g SPF50+ PA+++ Cushion

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