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Written on Friday, November 30, 2018
Pros: awesome shades, big tube, it doesn’t dry or tighten my lips, long-wearing, pleasant aroma, small and handy applicator, stylish design
Cons: it’s tricky to wash off

I’ve never had anything from this brand before. But I was eager to try something out. And here the sales girl literally pushed me to purchasing this lip pigment, saying that it would be a dope color for me, because it flatters my skin tone.

You know, usually it isn’t so easy to talk me into a purchase but here, I was just too tired, because before that we had spent about an hour looking for a suitable cologne for my husband, which was even more exhausting when a picky girl would do that.

Product description:

Potency and precision—the ultimate power couple. A powerful concentrate of our most powerful matte yet. Fluid Pigment Complex, liquefied pigment with a zero-gravity feel, introduces infinite matte color saturation with ultra-flexible long-lasting wear. Sensorial, lightweight texture that applies like an ink on lips. Dries down to lock in formula for a smudge-resistant, carefree wear. Matte. Empowered.


The full price for this newly launched item is $26 but I bought it 50% off.

The Powermatte Lip Pigment is infused with liquefied pigments with infinite matte color saturation for lasting, weightless wear. The custom doe-foot applicator provides effortless, precise application and full coverage in one swipe. Its sensorial, lightweight texture applies like ink on your lips, and then it dries down instantly to lock in color for smudge-resistant, carefree wear. Impart any lip look with shades that flatter all skintones, from neutral to bold, to suit any occasion.


The product is housed in a stylish and compact tube. In general, I can see that the design here is traditional as all the products from the brand, though. Black casing and white lettering.

The carton box here is simple and frills-free. It makes all the lettering legible.


As for the casing of the lipstick itself, here it’s rather typical for all the liquid matte lipsticks - tube and an applicator top cap.

The plastic is matte, as well as the product in general.


I was surprised when I saw it. It is tiny and rather tough. The tip is slanted and sharp. Even though the application is hairy, it still feels as though I swipe a resilient stick over my lips, not an applicator that we’re all used to seeing.

It’s pretty odd, yet, this applicator lines my lips perfectly well, creating the desired shape, even when I don’t use a lip liner.

Shake the tube well before use to mix the pigments with the serum.


The smell here is barely detectable and unobtrusive.



The product offers quite a selection of shades to choose from. There are bold pinks among them, like GET UP STAND UP, WARM LEATHERETTE, LOW RIDER, GIVE IT UP, saturated reds - DON'T STOP, STARWOMAN, LIGHT MY FIRE, nudes - WALK THIS WAY, GET IT ON, and also a vibrant deep lilac WILD NIGHT, along with a black color PAINT IT BLACK, which is for everyone who enjoys experimenting. And this list isn’t full of what the Powermate from NARS collection has to offer. I want to try out each shade alone.

As for my product, I like it. It seems kind of berry-like and I was looking for such a shade for so long. My color is called Save The Queen.

Swatches and a flashlight:

Under bright and daytime lights the color looks like in this photo:

But once I turn the lights off or move to a darker place, it emerges like this:


It’s watery, which allows me to apply the product with a thin and even layer. No patches are left behind.

A few words about my lips:

They are dry and problematic. And if the sales rep didn’t tell me that “IT DOESN’T DRY OUT LIPS AT ALL," I’d have never bought it. The thing is that matte lipsticks are too drying for my lips, which always accentuate chapping and flaking.

No dryness or tightening sensation from this one. Only comfort and lightweight coverage.

The color is pleasant to look at.

At the same time the lipstick holds on very well and doesn’t dry or chap my lips. It’s as comfortable as possible, I can even forget that I'm wearing it. I haven’t noticed any skin care from it but I’m already pleased that it doesn’t irritate me.

Although the maker advises us to apply several layers, I still think that such formula isn’t buildable and won’t stand two or three coats. If you wear it like this, it’ll definitely make your lips look tight and old-looking. I always apply only one coat of it!

The color appears bright and vibrant on the first go, covering my natural lip pigments, creating an even coverage, which is so close to perfection. No feathering or budging.

No flashlight, no artificial lights, a photo when it’s cloudy and indoors:

My lips look more voluminous.

I don’t detect it at all and the hold is solid throughout the day. It can fade a little from my inner lip after a meal, though I still don’t find it critical. I can’t even leave it like this and don’t touch-up.

Within 8 hours of wearing:

The product starts fading delicately from my inner lip and taking into account the color of the lippie and my natural lip pigment, it isn’t so obvious. The color remains saturated throughout the day, even if it fades from the contours a little.

Washing it off is a little bit tricky and I have to try hard to wash the pigment off completely. I use micellar water and a cleansing milk. And again, I want to highlight that after washing off, my lips aren’t dry and look okay.

In a nutshell:

  • no dead matte finish (I’ve had a chance to meet such lipsticks, which look like play dough over my lips)

  • comfort - absolutely no problems, no dry lips, no blemishes showing off

  • the color is saturated and, even though the maker advises us to apply it with 2-3 coats, I still think that 1 is more than enough for a beautiful finish.

  • the color selection is huge! Everybody will find a match!


This lip pigment is awesome! I feel comfortable wearing it. For me, it’s one of the best and most comfortable liquid matte lipsticks ever! Now I’m thinking about buying one more color for me, because such formulas are precious! Smile:)Smile

Genuinely recommended!

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Julia_Kon recommends NARS Powermatte Lip Pigment

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