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Written on Thursday, September 5, 2019

Ad rem, it isn’t sheer or glow. That’s bullshit! The most disappointing thing is that I have to live through some mumbo jumbo to tame it. If you’re still into the idea of buying it and you want to know what’s wrong with this product, just keep on reading.


  • Price: $47
  • Size: 30ml
  • Shade: Siberia


How to choose a shade:

Actually, the NARS shade range is much easier than they say. The official site offers the description of every shade and its undertone.

The other thing is when you can’t find the right shade for you in stores because it can be out of stock.

However, it’s still better to swatch the product before purchasing because mine is too fair for me, who’s always in the lightest foundation shades which may still appear too dark for my skin.


A sheer, buildable foundation with a natural-looking finish that immaculately evens skin tone. Complete with skincare benefits and the NARS Complexion Brightening Formula, it leaves skin hydrated, softer, and smoother. An artistry essential for creating a natural finish, when used daily, Sheer Glow Foundation improves the skin's brightness and texture. Ideal for evening the complexion with a natural, lightweight glow. Now available in a global shade range of 40 shades, for all skin tones.



High-end as it is. The glass tube is heavy and packed in a cardboard box.

Inside, it has instructions in different languages. No pump. Just a huge hollow that dispenses more than I usually need.


The pump is to be purchased separately. Okay NARS, for $47 you could never feature a pump? That’s ridiculous!

Even the most affordable foundations usually have pumps or some other kinds of dispensers.



About my skin

It’s dry but I always do my best to moisturize and nourish it. Yet, sometimes it still flakes on my cheeks.

T-zone gets oily towards the middle of the day but I fight it easily with blotting papers.


I usually find a foundation as a good one if it works with my tools and my ways of application.

Usually, I use a damp sponge to apply my foundation and as a rule, it works with 99% of the foundation products.


Can we have a thought that Nars Sheer Glow doesn’t work on me just because I apply it as always? That’s a good question but I’m not going to buy a special tool (a brush with a flat cut) as they advise to apply this product.


Besides, they say the product is to be applied over the primed skin. I don’t get why the hell I should use primers and special tools to get it to work on me.


As I’ve already said, my skin is dry and I don’t like to weigh it down with makeup. I hardly ever use any concealers for my skin, let alone the primers.

My primer is actually Smashbox Photo Finish Oil which makes any foundation work on me. Except for this one, from Nars.


Why have I ever decided that Sheer Glow Foundation would suit me?


Because of its naming of course. Who the hell has created it and how does it go with what we have in the end?


Every product description says that it’s hydrating. Besides, at the moment I bought it, there were hardly any reviews of it. Now, there are tons of them and many are really negative. I guess there were too many people who were hooked on promises, just like me.

Now, this foundation is my disappointment and I really feel sorry for the money I spent on it.




Being at the store and swatching the product on my hand, I already started to anticipate something bad. The product didn’t look like it would flatter dry skin type.

It feels rather thick in coverage yet not in consistency.

It applies too dry and never feels like a hydrating foundation. In the swatches, you can see how it stuck in my skin texture and pores. It does the same on my face.

The only positive thing about it is that it doesn’t smell of anything.


I used this product once and that was EPIC. Epic fail, I’d say.


I was hoping too much for it and it didn’t ever live to what it promised. I was furious.


Hope is hope but I didn’t even try to apply it over my moisturizer. I went for my Smashbox Primer Oil which blurs pores away and I love everything about it. But this time, the trick didn’t work.


The first thing that I didn’t like was the shade. I love light foundation shades but this is AUGHT! Siberia is the lightest shade but with a yellow undertone. I needed the pink undertone but given the fair base, it had to look okay on me. When I applied it on my skin, my face looked so white. At first, I didn’t even give a damn thing to it because each foundation needs time for setting. But even within 20 minutes, I still looked too weird.


To get the idea of the LIGHT shade, just look at the swatches.


The Catrice and Lumene foundations suit me in the color. And what do we have with Siberia from NARS? Who is it for?


My bathroom doesn’t have the best lights in the world, so it was difficult to assess the product immediately after the application on me.

When I put on my makeup, it was still dark out. Also, I couldn’t assess the way the product applied. In a word, I came to my job, looked in the mirror and I was horrified.


Honestly, it was the first time in my life when a foundation looked so terrible on me! It sat in all my pores and skin crevices! I couldn’t do anything about it because the coverage was set and wasn’t moving.


At the same time, my face looked still “nude” because the product stuck in my pores and fine lines. It’s another story to tell what happened with it on my nose and around it. I know that it’s my most problematic area for foundations. I just don’t know how to describe all that mess right.


And in that mess, I actually had to spend the entire day with it on. I was dreaming of washing it off.

After such a screw-up, I don’t even want to take this product in my hands ever again.

I didn’t buy it to tame or buy a bunch of primers for it, looking for the right one that will work with it. Now, the full tube with an expensive product just lies somewhere about my vanity. That’s a real screw up.


Look at this “beauty”:

Mind that the picture won’t show you all mess of it. But still, I hope you can see at least part of it.


The minimum stars.

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