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Written on Monday, September 11, 2017

Hey, girls!

As the owner of dry skin, I have to be extra careful when choosing a foundation, as many of them tend to make dry patches stand out. My skin is not a problem, blemishes appear quite rarely (but when they do, they’re awful), that’s why a foundation must only provide even skin tone, cover redness, blackheads and enlarged pores, plus it mustn’t look flakey. And, of course, it must never clog my pores, even though I regularly use clay cleansing masks. So, this BB Cream was a great find.

The BB cream comes in a white carton box, on which all the product information can be found. The design is unremarkable, I liked the before and after pictures of the girl (though I suspect she was photoshopped).

Due to the light texture of the liquid foundation and moisturizing ingredients, the BB cream creates a weightless coverage.

I think everyone knows that BB Creams have light coverage, that’s why they won’t suit those with blemished skin, freckles and pigment spots. But the girls with not as many problems will definitely like it, for even a thin layer of foundation makes one feel more confident.It evens the skin tone out, conceals the imperfections and makes your face glow from the inside out.

The tube itself looks as unremarkable as the carton box. It’s made of soft plastic, so when it’s almost empty, it’s easy to squeeze the rest out. It isn’t big and will fit in any makeup bag, plus I find it’s really great that it is made of plastic, not glass, and you can safely carry the tube around and without being afraid of unpleasant accidents.

You can unscrew and remove the cap, which is made of black plastic. The dispenser is tiny, narrow, and easy to use. You can apply the foundation directly onto the skin, on fingers or use sponges. In any case, you can easily measure out the required amount of the foundation. The dispenser won’t spit out too much.

Product information:

Perfect the “no makeup” look with our BB Cream. Specially formulated without oil, this mineral-infused formula hydrates the skin and helps the complexion appear smoother. Wear it as a primer under your foundation, or alone for a touch of lightweight color.

I was told that the BB Cream is supposed to be a makeup base, a moisturizing treatment, skin perfecting cream, plus make it matte - the latter surprised me, because I knew that one can’t have a mattifying effect from a BB Cream.

There are 3 shades in the line, mine is the natural one, which is truly natural because it just melts into my pale skin and suits it perfectly. It doesn’t make it look yellowish, but those with swarthy skin should consider another shade, because it can ‘bleach’ their skin tone. There’s also a golden shade for swarthy ones and the nude one for fair complexions.

The results:

My complexion is flawless and radiant both in photos and in real life! The skin is protected from environmental factors affecting it, plus there is a long-lasting mattifying effect.

Price: about $13 for 1 fl.oz

My impressions after using this BB Cream.

A little piece of advice:

Many reviews suggest to layer the BB cream in order to create a thick coverage. Even in the sensitive under eyes area, you won’t get that flaky cakey look.

Personally I apply it with fingers, then blend it out with a beauty-blender. Therefore I get translucent coverage which is hardly visible on the face, yet it leaves stains on the display of your cell phone, so keep it it mind. The complexion is healthy and even, the BB Cream conceals all that redness and spots, can be easily blended, doesn’t emphasize skin peeling, doesn’t clog pores, but covers up blackheads and enlarged pores.

And now here's why I took a star off. The BB Cream provides no mattifying\hydrating effects. But it doesn’t dry my skin either, so I can still recommend and repurchase it. The lasting power is great, it stays on for the whole day (though by the evening it starts to settle into pores). It causes no allergy or any other negative side-effects on the skin.

BB Cream only \ With BB Cream and Powder

So I can definitely recommend you try it out, it’s very economical in use, but the result is amazing! It’ll suit any skin type, though some might need to use face powder over it.

If you want a radiant healthy-looking complexion, you’ll like this BB Cream!

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