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Written on Wednesday, March 14, 2018
Pros: isn't drying to my lips, moisturizing
Cons: wears off quickly

Hello to all those reading my review!

Today I want to chat you through the product called NYX Butter Lipstick.



Since I got this lippie at a presentation, I had no chance to choose the color. So, meet the color that is called BLS04, LOLLIES. And I want to note that if I had a choice I wouldn’t choose this color as it doesn't look like a lipstick over my lips but it looks more like a lip gloss.

In the NYX Butter Lipstick collection there are many shades to choose from. I’m sure every girl will find her color there. With great pleasure I would have bought a brighter shade for me, the JUJU for instance.


Price $ 6.50

The Butter Lipstick has a nice design that is run in gentle peach shades which corresponds with the lipstick shade. I really appreciate this “feature” of the NYX Cosmetics.


The lipstick itself is of very gentle and cream-like texture which is so pleasant to feel over my lips. The product isn’t tacky, on the contrary I feel it moisturizing which is obvious as there is Castor Seed Oil, Candelilla Wax and Vitamin E.



The lipstick shows a shimmer finish on my lips. If I saw a girl with this product on somewhere in the streets, I would have never guessed that it’s a lipstick she is wearing. The product looks like a usual lip gloss with a hint of color to it. The shitty pigmentation is the dud of only this color, as I read the reviews of other shades and I saw very bright and richly pigmented products there. Well, this isn’t the reason to speak bad of the NYX brand, as everybody has the right to make mistakes. In the future I’ll definitely swatch the product myself so as not to pull a boner.


The main gripe about this lipstick is that it creases and what’s more, the staying power isn’t phenomenal either. That’s why I have to take off the stars.

Honestly I’m at a loss whether I should recommend the Butter Lipstick to you or not… On the one hand it doesn’t look bad if you take it as a lip gloss and look from afar. But on the other hand, the disadvantages are rather obvious and I can’t just leave them out. But these disadvantages come only to this very lipstick shade or maybe these are my lips to blame, I don’t know. There are so many rave reviews of these lipsticks on the Internet that I’ll feel ashamed if I say something negative about it.


All in all I will recommend this Butter Lipstick by NYX. But choose your color wisely as to not to be upset with it afterwards.

Thanks for your attention!

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MoonyTalls recommends NYX Butter Lipstick

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