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Written on Thursday, December 7, 2017



I am ready to kiss everyone who had a hand in creating this line of palettes. NYX has launched a gorgeous line.


I’m talking about the multifunctional palettes from the line of Contour Intuitive, containing 6 shades of eyeshadow, 2 highlighters and one refill with rouge. All shades are chosen according to the color scheme, which makes it possible to combine them with each other quite easily.


In this review I will tell you about two palettes from this line - Warm Zone 02 and Jewel Queen 04. Which one is better? Go on reading Smile


Price: 20 bucks.


Volume: 6 eyeshadows refills 1.6 grams each., 2 highlighters, 2.2 grams each. and 1 refill with rouge (4,9 grams) Not bad, I’d say.




The palette is almost square, which is quite unusual, but it contains so many products! The plastic is solid enough, but I try to keep it away from danger, because most of NYX palettes are fragile anyway.


No mirror or brush. Earlier, I would have been indignant about this fact, but now I don’t care, as I use my own set of brushes.


The palette is truly versatile, which is so delightful. Yep, it’s 6 eyeshadows, 2 highlighters and a blush (or a bronzer, depending on the palette). I'm very satisfied with the filling and the fact that you can buy yourself a single palette with everything you need, without spending additional funds on additional makeup products.


I would have added one more shade for face sculpting, though.


The line is supposed to work even for a makeup newbie. You simply can’t make a mistake with it.


The shadows are arranged in such a way that one can instantly see a bunch of ready-made makeup solutions - in each row, there are 3 shades of shadows that combine with each other.


I’ll show you what I mean:



This is a very cool idea for beginners, or for those girls who do not like (or do not want) to experiment with makeup and those who have difficulties finding a perfect combination of shades Everything is intuitively clear and you do not have to puzzle over how to combine colors from this palette.


The formula is pleasant, there are both dry textures and creamy, almost all the shades do not crumble, as often happens with other NYX palettes.


The saturation of the shadows can be varied, the texture of most shadows allows you to apply them both in dense layers, for evening makeup, and in thin ones, for daily makeups.


The durability is wonderful, the eyeshadows stay put both with an eyeshadow base and without one.


Smile Review of the palette JEWEL QUEEN 04


I decided to start with it, because I liked this palette less. I’ll leave the better one for later.


Here we have quite an interesting palette - there is blue, and purple (oh, my love!), and golden. But in my opinion, out of all the palettes represented in the lineup, Jewel Queen has the strangest color combination.


The warm zone palette lacks one color, which is a matte black. The Jewel Queen is much less versatile, I always want to add a few colors from other palettes when I use it.


The pigmentation is quite average, you need to work with a brush or a finger to layer the eyeshadows and get a better color payoff. However, with an eyeshadow base the color payoff is simply gorgeous!


Without a base



With a base


Let's take a look at the features of each of shades:


Shadows (swatches - with and without eyeshadow base):


1. Blue with a satin finish, looks deep and dark in the refill, but changes color on the skin and turns into turquoise. Quite rich, easily applied onto the skin, and looks more pigmented with a base.


2. Just a regular transition color, for applying to the inner corner of the eye and brightening the area under the eyebrow. It was quite dry and difficult to transfer onto the hand, while it was transferred fairly well to the eyelids. Plus, the shade noticeably brightens the skin.


3. Unusual violet, looks paler in the palette, but has a great color payoff. The shade becomes slightly translucent when applied onto the skin, might appear slightly duochrome (blue)



4. Gentle shimmer gold, which perfectly complements any makeup. Without a base, it gives a flickering effect. With one, it makes a makeup especially bright and catchy.



5. Very nice gray with a visible green undertone. The texture is slightly different from other shadows in the palette, the shade is a bit creamy, which makes it possible to apply it in a thick layer.


6. A reddish matte shade, lately I've just been obsessed with red and brown, this shade can be used to define the lid crease or the outer corner of the eye. The color is pretty saturated. {IMAGE: 30}


Makeup with shades from the palette JEWEL QUEEN 04


It was necessary to add a black matte color from another palette, since this palette lacks it. The blue shade is applied to the entire eyelid, to the outer corner of the eye I added the black shade and blended it into the crease, plus I defined the lower eyelid with gray. I applied the matte white to the inner corner of the eye and under the eyebrow, to create a softer transition. The blue shade is applied over a base, all the other shades are used without one. Plus I applied a blue eyeliner.


Everything is simple - the golden-colored eyeshadow on the eyelid, the reddish one in the lid crease


There are pops of colors. On the upper eyelid, I applied gold, and in the outer corner I added a little bit of blue, which, when applied over the gold, gave a green undertone. In the lid crease and the lower eyelid, I applied a bit of the gray hue, and on the lower eyelid, a drop of violet was applied. This is also a fairly simple version of makeup. I picked up a bit of the reddish shadow, and applied it to the entire mobile eyelid and defined the lower eyelid. I added the golden eyeshadow to the lower eyelid. A bit of gray obscured the outer corner of the eye and the lid crease. The eye was defined with a green eye pencil.



Highlighters and rouge:


Each highlighter is good in its own way and I like all of them.


The white highlighter is very bright, catchy, great for adding glow under the eyebrow, but there's a shimmer that I do not really like.


The pink gold is pretty unusual and delicate.



The blush in this palette reminds me of pink bricks. It’s a bronzer, I’d say.




I can’t show the glow the pink highlighter gives, so I didn't even attach any photos of it.


In the next photos, the blush is applied, plus the white highlighter is on my cheekbones and under the eyebrow.


The blush is from this palette, the golden highlighter is from the Warm Zone palette




unusual shades


a nice shade of blush


beautiful highlighter


excellent shadow textures






The pigmentation is lower than that of the Warm Zone


I’d give this palette four stars.


Smile Review of the WARM ZONE 02 palette


I absolutely love it! In my opinion, the palette is incredibly beautiful and the shades are perfectly matching.

The pigmentation is brilliant, all the shades are very saturated, rich and bright. At this moment, the Warm zone is my favorite palette. It’s so pleasant and easy to work with!


With this palette, you can certainly create nude daytime makeups, but to be honest, I prefer to create bolder makeups.



Without a base



On the base


Let's take a look at each shade separately:


Swatches with and without any eyeshadow base:


  1. White matte. Again, like in the case of the white color from the Jewel Queen palette, it’s quite dry and slightly dusty. Looks bad on the hands but pretty good on the eyelids



2. Just look how beautiful it is! Bright orange-red with a creamy texture, highly pigmented and very saturated. Bright, dense, creates a chic accent, perfectly combinable with dark brown and red from the palette.


3. Matte red, a clone of the reddish from the Jewel Queen palette. It’s just more saturated. I use it as transition color when I applied a lot of war paint. When my makeup is nude, I use this color in the outer corner of the eye as well as in the eyelid crease.



4. Saturated dark brown, tightly pressed and absolutely not crumbly.


{IMAGE: 55} {IMAGE: 50}


5. My new love, a red-brown shade, very close to marsala. Previously, I was afraid of pink and red shades in makeup, I thought that my eyes would look sick and tearful, but when applied correctly, the red color looks very impressive.


6. Bright, highly-pigmented and saturated gold. Not as delicate as in the Jewel Queen, but it’s really gold.


My makeups with shades from the WARM ZONE 02 palette.


Orange-red applied to the mobile eyelid, the crease is defined with dark brown and gold. The golden color is applied onto the lower lid too.


Gold was applied to the entire mobile eyelid, and to the outer corner of the eye. The eyelid crease defined with red brown. The lower eyelid slightly defined with red brown and gold.

A layer of matte white on the eyelid as a base. Over it, and to the lower eyelid, I applied dark brown. And then I smoothed the whole makeup with white again in order to muffle the colors.



Red is applied to the inner and outer corners of the eye, in the middle - orange. Lower eyelid is defined with black shadows, plus I created an winged makeup with them. Plus a bit of orange.



Highlighters and blush:


The palette includes two beautiful and unusual highlighters: a golden one, and a delicate pink one. Both shades have a radiant finish, with no shimmers.


The golden highlighter and the blush from the previous palette



The rouge is pink and looks really delicate. I wonder why they placed it in this palette, I think it suits the colors from the Jewel queen much better. Anyway, the blush is really beautiful.



The blush and the delicate pink highlighter.

{IMAGE 45}




all shades are just chic


incredible pigmentation


excellent texture


It's easy and simple to work with even in spite of the brightness of the shades


Cons: no cons found


My verdict is 5 stars.


RESULT: I'm not very happy that the Jewel Queen has a lower pigmentation, but both palettes are noteworthy. I liked the Warm Zone palette better, and it instantly became my favorite, but I can not help but admit that the colors of Jewel Queen are oddly matched, but still more diverse.


Well, I’m glad that NYX released a very versatile and multifunctional product at an affordable price.

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