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Written on Friday, November 10, 2017


I don’t have many eyeshadow palettes in my collection (actually, I own only 3), but all of them are worthy. My collection has been replenished recently when I received this palette. I’ve been using it for quite a long time, and now I’m ready to tell you about my impressions.


General Information


Must be used within 24 months after opening.


Made in China


Price: $12.60 - $18.00


Product details:


We named this collection the Ultimate Shadow Palette because that’s exactly what it is—a pro-level palette packed with 16 high-performance eyeshadows and pressed pigments in a rainbow of tone-inspired shades. Available in four striking color combinations—Neutral-Cool, Neutral-Warm, Bright and Smokey/Highlight—each set features a vivid mix of velvety-rich textures and mesmerizing finishes that range from mattes and satins to shimmers and metallics.



There are four palettes in the line:


  • 01 SMOKEY
  • 04 BRIGHTS - bright, extravagant.

In general, they have no smell. This is a plus, since I do not like strong fragrances in my makeup.


The palette consists of 16 different shades: 11 matte, 4 shimmery and one is satin.



Design and packaging:


The palette is square. It wasn’t packaged in a box of any kind. There was only a little protective tape on it. The palette is made of cheap black plastic. There is also a glass window, through which all the shades can be seen. There are inscriptions in white on it.


The packaging is easy to scratch, fingerprints are visible on it.



On the bottom we can see some information printed on black paper.



The manufacturer skilfully disguised this - in order to see it, you have to pull the first layer of paper. It saves space and hides this information from those who don’t need it. This is a plus too.


Having opened the palette (which, by the way, opens 180 degrees), we see all 16 shades covered with a thin protective film.




There is no mirror or applicator.The lid closes tightly with a click.


Summarizing, I can say that the packaging is pretty fragile and unstable. When fully opened, the part where the product itself rises.


Finally, the packaging part is over. Now go to the product itself.Eyeshadows


As I’ve mentioned before, there are 16 shades: 11 matte, 4 shimmery and the last is satin. All shades are wearable, suitable for every day (except dark shades) They can be used too, though, but they must be carefully blended.



The palette is very versatile. You can create a day makeup and then add dark shades from the same palette and voila you have evening make-up. It takes minimum effort and money.


The light shades have a pretty low pigmentation, but the dark ones are noteworthy.


These shadows should be used with an eyeshadow base.



Of course, ideally all eye shadows should be used with a base, but if some shadows are high-quality and do not crumble, I use them without one.

But it’s not the case here.

Without an eyeshadow base, the eye shadows would fall off, and the color payoff would be disgusting.


Now let’s take a closer look at each shade.


The shades are arranged in ascending order - the first row is light, hardly visible, the second row is more pigmented and so on - the saturation of the shades increases.


1. Shimmery. White, silver and iridescent. I prefer to use this shade as a highlighter in the corner of the eye, above the lip and on cheekbones. Crumbles a little bit. Has an average durability.



2. Matte. Peach / pink. Delicate. I apply it as a basic shade on the eyelid. Hardly visible.



3. Matte. Can be used as a basic shade as well.



4. Matte. Has a beige undertone. The pigmentation is quite good.



5. Matte. Dark beige. Just barely noticeable on the skin.



6. Shimmery. Gold. Excellent pigmentation. My current favorite.



7. Shimmery. Sand. I apply it on the upper eyelid.



8. Matte. The color of a dusty rose is my favorite. Great blendability.



Shades 1 to 8 are simply perfect for a delicate nude makeup.


9. Matte. Grey



10 Matte. Light brown with a reddish undertone. Looks like something between brown and burgundy.



11. Brown - green. Duochrome. It’s a pretty unusual shade, I haven’t tried colors like this before.



12. Matte. Warm. Brown.



13. Matte. Green - blue. Dark



14. Dark Grey. Contains big shimmer particles.



15. Matte. Dark brown. Combinable with all the other shades.



16. Matte. Purple. Bright, I’d even say, neon. Outstanding in comparison with other shades from this palette, as though it had been blown into the palette by some kind of wrong wind. Well pigmented.



Going through all the shades and considering all of them individually, I can say that shades 2, 3, 4, 5 are not visible on my eyelids. The pigmentation is awfully low. This disappoints me Sad


Most of all I use and prefer the shades 1, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14 - these are my favorites so far.


Swatches of all the shades:





  • Number and variety of shades
  • Most of the shades aren’t crumbly
  • Good blendability
  • Versatile, can be used for both day and evening makeup
  • Affordable
  • Contains different formulas




  • Mediocre durability
  • Fragile packaging
  • Some shades are not visible on the eyelid (2 - 5)
  • Can be used only with an eyeshadow base

Anyway, the NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette - Cool Neutrals does not hold up to the score of 5 stars here. The shades are interesting and tempting. In general, I use the palette and got accustomed to all the minuses. So I’d say I recommend it - but don’t forget about an eyeshadow base.


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Kamila. recommends NYX Ultimate Eye Shadow Palette

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