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Written on Friday, June 22, 2018


Matte textures seem to be losing their positions nowadays, and holographic stuff takes their place. No wonder NYX came up with their holographic collection, which includes this very eyeliner. Is it worth a try? Let’s figure it out.

Price: 11 USD


Made in China


Its design is lovely: a compact glass jar with a simple black screw top came in a cardboard box with holographic lettering.

When I tried to open the box I ended up tearing it apart.

Since I use this as eyeshadow, the most convenient way to pick it up is with my finger. The size of the jar plays a negative role here, because the eyeliner sags in the middle and gets trapped under my nails. It’s a little thing, though a very unpleasant one. This is subjective judgment, because such a jar is perfect for an eyeliner.

The shade Cotton Candy 03 is shown on the box. Is it the same color? Nope. The eyeliner is pink and really cotton candy -like, while the one on the box is grey lilac. But in the swatches, the hue opens up and becomes similar to that on the box. It’s still not identical, though, so it’s easy to choose wrong.

As I’ve mentioned above, I’ve got the shade Cotton Candy 03. It looks lovely and girlish. It opens up on the skin and turns not into a typical pink, but into a pink with a greyish lilac undertone. It doesn’t show any color play or holographic effect, but it’s beautiful, no matter what.

Now to the saddest part - the formula. Alas, it spoils everything. The texture is soft and malleable, and the color payoff is great but…

The Holographic Halo Cream Eyeliner is too difficult to apply properly, especially in a few coats. When I try to apply the second coat, the first one starts to come off, building clumps and gaps. It’s such a nightmare, and you have to apply the eyeliner again and again to cover the uneven spots. Besides, the eyeliner dries quickly, which makes the blending process even more difficult.

Because of all this, it’s pretty hard to use this eyeliner as eyeliner, because one doesn’t simply draw an even gapfree line on the eyelid. It’s impossible to create a holographic effect with one coat anyway, so you have to apply it again and again, and the eyeliner ends up flaky. I’m no amateur with winged eyeliner, but even I found it difficult to work with this eyeliner.

The simplest way to apply this eyeliner is with a thick slanted brush. As eyeshadow - with a thick flat brush or with a finger. I didn’t even try to do it with other brushes, because I knew it would be a waste of time.

I apply the eyeliner onto the hand first, blend it out and then transfer it to the eyelid. I noticed that it applies evenly then, without clumps and flakes.

Great lasting power and awesome color payoff, that’s something to praise this product for. The eyeshadow (yep, for me this is eyeshadow in the first place) dries quickly and stays for a long time, without losing its brightness. It’s highly pigmented and would compliment any makeup.

It looks weird if you wear it solo, but in combination with dark matte eyeshadows, it’s simply gorgeous. You can create any makeup with it, add a second winged eyeliner, make a gentle daily makeup bolder or make an evening makeup more colorful.


Double eyeliner:As eyeshadow (my favorite daily look):As eyeshadow in a bright makeup:In the inner corner of the eye:

The whole look in combination with the Vice Lipstick from Urban Decay:

It’s a really controversial product. I say no to it as eyeliner, because the application is difficult and the result isn’t impressive. But when used as creamy eyeshadow, the product is okay. The result is beautiful, the eyeshadow is long lasting and highly pigmented. But I can’t give it more than 3 stars, because I don’t want to pay $11 for such a little jar and then perform a rain dance around it, trying to tame it.Thanks for reading my review!

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Violetty recommends NYX Holographic Halo Cream Eyeliner

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