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Written on Friday, September 21, 2018
Cons: it creases, it creases too quickly, it isn’t long-wearing, it requires a special sharpener, it stains the top cap, it’s difficult to blend out

Honestly, I adore NYX cosmetics. In the photo below you can see a set of products which I use on a daily basis for my makeup. Well, this eye pencil is there too, because I really tried to tame it and fit into my makeup routine for a really long time.

Some years ago I found out that white eyeshadows flatter me a lot! Of course, I immediately wanted to buy some professional good eyeshadow. My first white baked eyeshadows were too crumbling and I decided to find something more reliable and long-lasting. And this is how I found this NYX Professional Make Up Jumbo Eye Pencil. It didn’t cost a fortune and I quickly picked it up.




Girls, this product isn’t actually an eyeshadow item, it’s 100% a lipstick texture-wise. It applies too thick over my skin and it’s so difficult to blend out. I always have to drag my skin a lot when I blend this product.

I don’t sharpen it much, because the rounded tip is more or less bearable to apply the product with light strokes on my lids. As for my mobile lids, well this pencil is impossible to apply there.






A radiant eyeliner that also doubles as an eyeshadow. Made with a blend of mineral oil and powder, our creamy Jumbo Eye Pencils glide on effortlessly—no pulling, tugging or fading—and come in a rainbow of vivid hues.

This product is actually the reason why I hate all that multi-tasking stuff.



I don’t appreciate it. Just a regular plastic crayon, which usually sharpens with a regular pencil sharpener. However, I had to buy a new one for this product, because it was too thick to fit into my old sharpener.

The top cap used to be transparent but now it’s stained with the formula.


About my skin

I’m in my early thirties and my skin is oily. I don’t have any standing out wrinkles yet. Honestly, guys, I really tried to tame this product, but it’s just a nightmare. A regular person will never make friends with it!

Here are my attempts at taming it:


Here I tried to apply this eye pencil as an eyeliner. The product is not only soft like a lipstick but it also stains my lashes when I apply it. After that, I had to wipe my lashes with a tissue.


And here I used it as an eyeshadow. I applied the tiniest bit on my immobile lids and slightly blended out with my fingers. I didn’t blend anything on my lower lids, because the product always tugs my skin there and I don’t want to rip on my eye this way. What a good eyeshadow!


And here the product is used as an eyeshadow primer. I applied my eyeshadows (white or beige, in the upper photo) over this eye pencil primer. Do you like the results?



I was wearing this makeup for 3 hours and my eyes started to go watery. The product isn’t expired and I took the upper layer off with a sharpener before use. I was going to wear this makeup the entire day but had to wash it off within 3 hours. For a comparison, I also attached a photo of me with almost the same makeup look, where I didn't use this NYX Jumbo pencil.

How much time was I using it?

For more than a year. That was the time when I still was trying to tame this product.

I don’t recommend this NYX Professional Make Up Jumbo Eye Pencil.

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Sibilla11 doesn't recommend NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil

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