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Written on Thursday, January 25, 2018

Hey people! Smile


Today I’d like to tell you about one more product by NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP.

Honestly, liquid eyeshadows are rather new and unknown products for me.

I’ve already tried some pearl and cream textures, but matte liquid eyeshadow is definitely something new for me.

To tell you the truth I hesitated a little bit when I saw these products and used to think that I won’t ever cope with them. But in reality, I understood that all my worries were in vain. They turned out to be so easy to use and comfortable to wear that I always enjoy creating my beautiful daily makeup as well as bright and eye catching evening looks. What’s more, these products are really versatile and if you keep reading my review, you’ll find out about all the ways I use these babes.


So, let’s move onto a more detailed review of the products:




Price: $7 for an item

In the collection they have 12 shades.


I bought three of them:





Product says:

Adorn your eyes with our weightless Lid Lingerie Matte Eye Tint. This delicate new assortment features 12 gorgeous matte shades ranging from muted mauve and mahogany red, to dusty lilac and deep brown. Each seductively sheer hue will leave your lids with an elegant flush of color.

Dab or swipe onto the lid and blend using your finger or a Flat Detail Brush.


Initially all the tubes were safely sealed with a transparent protecting tape. It comes off fully leaving no residue. All you need to do is to drag the separating part from it.

All three tubes are done in the same design as all the other products by the brand - stylish, beautiful and practical.

The quality of the tubes as well as of the content is great.



The outer appearance of the tube really looks like a liquid lipstick and the size is the same, by the way.

Inside the tube there’s a good-working stopper that wipes off the excess product, leaving it inside. I appreciate that I don’t take out half of the tube of the product each time dipping the applicator in.

The applicator itself looks rather standard, though I use it only for taking the product out of the tube. I prefer doing the blending with my brushes. I find the use of brushes more convenient and I guess that this applicator blending will do nothing but smudging the eyeshadows.

The texture of the products is moussy, very soft and not runny. Creamy in a word. But the consistency is very light and really easy to apply and blend out. They never crease or dry down like plasticine or fall out.


No potent fragrance to these eyeshadows which is def a plus.

As you can see I have different colors of these eyeshadows, so I can speak about their quality truly.

The products are totally matte as promised and there’s no shimmer or pearl casting to them. Only true matte pure color.

They are well pigmented and I find them simple to layer as well as blend out.

List of ingredients:


My impressions of use:


- they are easy to apply and blend out;


- they dry down rather quickly

- my eyelids’ skin doesn’t look tightened or dried out;


- the wear is very comfortable;


- the staying power is from morning till the late evening. They don’t fall out or smudge or lose the color.

They also don’t imprint on the upper lids or crease;


- you can vary the intensity of the coverage: with these eyeshadows you can create daily as well as evening makeup looks with ease;


- I use them not only as eyeshadows but also as my powder eyeshadow primer. I noticed that any eyeshadows, even the most shitty ones in quality look brighter over these Lid Lingerie Eye Tints. Moreover, they become easier to work with and hold on better;


- I also use them as eyeliner. The wings done with these products look thin and wear really long. So, if you buy dark colors, you can use them as eyeliner too;


- if you like to experiment with unusual lipstick colors, for a photoshoot, for example, this texture applies way better than some other lipsticks by the way. Smile


- the colors are great to mix and wear together;


- I remove them with micellar water or cleansing oil;


- no negative or allergic reaction were noticed.


#19 ICONIC + #14 BAD TO THE BONE are super to define my brow bone

#23 CHECKMATE+ #14 BAD TO THE BONE to highlight inner corners of the eyes.


To show you the results, I attached some photos of my daily makeup yet I want to remind you that you can vary the intensity of the color and coverage.

I always was interested how the so popular taupe color would look on my lips and of course used the product as a lipstick. And you know, I like the way it looks. Smile This color applies well and even, no issues with it.


These tints are definitely great as they are easy to work with, they are of good quality, comfortable in wear and really cool. I can thoroughly recommend them for purchasing.

Thanks for your attention to my review!

Have a good day and see you in the next reviews!


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Little_Mary recommends NYX Lid Lingerie Matte Eye Tint

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