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Written on Monday, October 15, 2018
Pros: it suits for eye and brow makeup, the shades are easy to wash off
Cons: the products fall out

Hello there!

This story begins really simply. One day I decided to go big. In fact, I usually use makeup of middle market brands and I can’t even say that they offer awful quality. No. But somehow I decided that I need to have at least one pricey eyeshadow palette in my collection as a treat. So, here it is.

At first, I used to think that I would write a review of this palette for a month, creating different makeup looks with it. However, within a week I had already squeezed out everything that I could from it and my inspiration disappeared.

I bought the palette for $49.

For this sum of money, you get 14 matte eyeshadow shades, a dual-ended brush, get-the-look insert with how to’s and a paper cover.


The back of the palette presents us the palette info:


Let’s open it. By the way, it’s also made of a cardboard with a magnet latch. The upper lid offers a rather good mirror.


Some words about the brush from me. I didn’t like it at all, especially its slanted tip. The bristles are so synthetic that they are like literally creaking. And it feels so unpleasant and weird. And if I can still find a use for a furry blending side, the slanted one has never been in use for more than three times.

So now, let’s talk about the eyeshadows themselves. Usually, reviewing eyeshadow palettes, I describe each and every refill pan separately, but here I decided that this palette isn’t worth such attention and I’ll tell you about the shades in quads.



These shades are warm-toned and obviously matte.

They all apply and distribute well, however they terribly fall out during application.

The pigmentation is okay but the darker shades can sometimes apply with patches. They blend out rather well, however sometimes (and I don't know even the reason behind it) the shades apply with patches and then they are so difficult to blend out, no matter how much I try. If I try to correct them with my fingers, then the shades clump together and smudge. But the staying power is on fleek.

The removal is easy with any makeup remover or just water and soap. My eyes don’t look saggy with these shades on and I don't even feel them present. No allergic reaction was caused.

As for the fair shades, they all disappear from my eyes by the end of the day due to unknown reasons. They don’t crease, smudge but just disappear.

And a full swatch:


It consists of two refill pans. These are the shades most used by me, which are for setting the primer and highlighting eyelids or as a base shade for any other colors. I can’t say anything special about them. They are also dusty. They are nice to pick up and apply on the skin.

They are wearable and pretty lasting.



This quad presents cool-toned shades:

Technical characteristics are the same. The gray and black shades are the dustiest of all and they fall out too much on my under eye area. And I was absolutely surprised when I found out that the gray shade just disappeared from my eyes within 4 hours of application. The rest aren’t so whimsical.


Well, that’s it. That’s all that I can say about this palette.


And now, let’s have a look at my makeup. At first, I was inspired to create a thousand of different makeup looks, which were only my fantasy, though. You see, the palette is absolutely plain and basic. Personally, I wish there was a basic fair shade for highlighting my inner corners of the eyes and a brow bone. But there isn’t such a shade here. If I don’t use any other shades from different palettes, then my makeup looks boring and office-like.

The palette is good for those who have strict dress-code rules at work, including makeup. If you want to create an unusual and interesting look, then you’ll have to use some other colors as well. There aren’t any accent shades here. I’ll attach photos of three makeups which I managed to do with this palette. I won’t describe them, because they are so similar to some extent.




I was also surprised to see that the color intensity disappears in the photos. Come on, they claim that the brand was created in a photo studio especially for photo shoots. Smile But in life, all the colors are two times more vibrant and intense. Well, there’s definitely something wrong about this palette.


OVERALL: I can’t recommend this palette for purchasing!!! For the money it costs, one can easily find something more interesting.

Thanks for your attention!!! Smile

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