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Written on Friday, August 24, 2018

Hey everyone! Smile

Recently NYX launched a primer for pigments. I usually use a creamy eyeshadow for this purpose, but I was curious to try this new product out.

Price: $6.50

From the manufacturer:

Keep your Pigment in place and intensify color payoff with our new Pigment Primer! Creamy, blendable and easy to apply, this longwearing formula locks in color and helps prevent your favorite Pigments from creasing, smudging or fading. (Basically, it helps them reach their full pigment-potential.)

Well, I always thought that the pigments should be applied to a sticky formula to fix them, but here the maker recommends to let the primer dry out completely… Weird…

The primer comes in a package where you can see a holographic picture of the tube on the front and the list of ingredients and a few bright and gorgeous makeup looks on the back.

The primer comes in a holographic tube with a thin nozzle. By the way, the size is good. It has 10 ml of the product.

The primer itself is somewhat gray-green. I expected something more, especially taking into account the holographic markings on the tube.

However, I was wrong and the texture is typical without any holo effects.

When blending out, the hint of green disappears and becomes transparent.

It sets on the skin very quickly, literally in a few seconds.

Now to the application. It’s a pain in the butt to apply. Applying it to a dry primer, the pigment definitely falls out. It won’t stick to it.

So I don’t see any sense in using this primer… It doesn’t give any additional glow or brightness to my shadows. Also, it doesn’t fix anything and the shadow simply falls out.

Then I decided to give it another chance and apply it when it’s wet. Right off the bat, it dries out very quickly, so prepare the shadows BEFOREHAND: open the pan, pick it up with a brush and put the brush somewhere as close to you as possible.

It will take you about 2-3 seconds to apply, in such a way the shadow sets on my eyelid, but THEN APPEARS ANOTHER ISSUE:

My eyelids become extremely dry and tight, so that I look 70-something Smile The skin not only looks tight, but also feels tight.

The eyelids feel like after some crazy baking technique. After all these efforts I have to spinke MAC Fix spray that makes it look more or less fine:

Here, I used the MAC Vanilla and Makeup For Ever pigments. In my opinion, the MAC pigment looks too dull and boring on this primer… It looks brighter and more glowing on other bases…

Overall, the product is OK, but it’s not worth it…You better choose some creamy shadows like Maybelline Color Tattoo or something… To top it off, I don’t like the taut feeling…

By the way, the product doesn’t remove so easily. It takes off with micellar water badly, so I have to saturate a cotton pad with some other makeup remover, put it on my eyelids and wait for about 15 minutes. Only then does it disappear from my skin.

I don’t recommend this primer, because:

  1. The pigments do not become brighter

  2. They do not set on eyelids

  3. It makes my skin feel tight

  4. It’s not easy to apply…

So, this stuff has hardly any pros and the cons are significant. I don’t recommend it.

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Vikky_Beautyholic doesn't recommend NYX Pigment Primer

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