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Written on Tuesday, June 26, 2018
Pros: convenient application, handy applicator, it doesn’t dry out my lips
Cons: wear time

I wanted to give this lipstick a shot a really long time ago but I just couldn’t because it was constantly sold out in the shops. But finally I’ve managed to get my hands onto it and now I'm eager to share my thoughts about it with you.

the product was manufactured in China
the product was manufactured in China
I have my lippie in the color #08 - BEST BUDS
I have my lippie in the color #08 - BEST BUDS

I’ll start with the product’s outer appearance and design description.

According to the tube, there are 12 ml of the lippie inside
According to the tube, there are 12 ml of the lippie inside

All in all the design is good, the tube looks interesting and definitely eye catching.

The lipstick comes with a small hand cream-like packaging and it’s very unlikely that you’ll have difficulties looking for it in your makeup bag! Smile

I want you to pay special attention to the applicator. When it’s new, it looks perfectly clean and white. It has a lot of furry bristles as well.

The applicator is uber soft for my lips and I really like the way it applies the formula.

It’ll be fair enough to notice that the first use of the product might actually make you bring some effort.

You should be ready to know that your applicator won’t ever look white after the first use, since there’ll be always at least a little bit of the formula left inside.

The applicator doesn’t irritate my lip skin and it always applies the lippie with a thick and even (almost each time) layer.

You won’t line your lips perfectly well with this applicator, this is true. But maybe if you’re a professional, who knows, maybe you’ll manage to do it! Smile

As many reviews state, this lipstick is a great product to create the “kissed lips”effect. But from me, I have to say that I haven’t managed to gain this result at all. My lips just looked as though they had smudged contours.

Here’s the result on my lips:

In the photos above I used a flash to show the maximum of the color it has.

As for me, I adore this color. It doesn’t look too bright, it’s a tad pink yet at the same time nude and natural.

But! I wouldn’t say that the lipstick applies evenly. If you take a closer look at it, you’ll see that it was applied with small patches.

The finish isn’t actually matte, I can clearly see some glossy finish there as well. My lips still shine with this product, though that shine isn’t very much visible from afar. I also want to say a few words about the wear time of the product. Well, it has a shitty wear time! It stains everything that I touch with my lips and if you want to kiss someone to get the real “kissed lips effect,” then you should be very careful! Smile

The most important thing is that this lipstick doesn’t dry out or tighten my lips at all. I can barely feel it on my lips.

my lips by the natural light (no flash)
my lips by the natural light (no flash)

Honestly, I like its color way more when I look at my lips by the natural light! It looks so close to my natural lip pigment then. You are sure to get a lot of attention with this lippie on, and I don’t even mean anything bad.

In the end I want to summarize and say that:

If you want to have a matte lipstick which won’t tighten or dry out your lips, then it’s a must-have for you!

As for the advantages, I can list the following: weightless formula on my lips, convenient and soft applicator, intense color, pleasant scent, interesting design.

And the disadvantages are: shitty wear time and some difficulties with my lip outlining.

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